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+ 3 Forgiveness for me or others........

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Realizing you have a problem may be a first step, but if we are truly honest with ourself we already knew it. In reality we justify and rationalize our actions. We don't want to face the past hurt that was done to us so we bury it in addiction. This is why I have come to realize that forgiveness is the only way to freedom. People often say I'll never forgive them..... News flash they don't need you to. Forgiveness is for you not them. More often than not they don't give it another thought, so who is suffering, you. I'm not saying we give them the opportunity to do it again. I'm saying I will not let something or someone control how I act, think, and feel. When we forgive we are free of holding resentments that fuel our addiction. Just as Jesus forgave us of our sins so we may be set free from the punishment we deserve.

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That's right, first you have to accept, accept that you have a problem. Then stop torturing yourself for what you did, forgive and embark on the path of healing. And just live in a new way, or rather do everything differently. Forgive and live! without going back.

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This is another Great post mate - I have a few people I need to learn to forgive from the past too, instead of fantasizing about taking an axe to their front door Lmao ROFL

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Having resentments is like u drinking the poison hoping the other person will get sick!
It’s about forgiving yourself mate

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Thing is though Yukon is answer me this - How do you forgive those who give you a hard time when you have done nothing wrong to them in the first place, the ones who take pleasure in giving you abuse?

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We have to show them the healthier way of dealing with adversity press. We gotta show them the way cuz they’re just as sick my friend. We have to love them . They can feel the level of vibration your operating from if your coming from the right place consciously& spiritualy. We gotta be helping others at this point in life(35-45trs old)!
We should have moved on from “ just doing me bro”!!
U shouldn’t be doing just you at our age, we should be spreading the wisdom & sharing ideas& discussing events. Higher rate of vibration is after a workout feeling great. It helps me work with my people daily & help them all succeeding.
We should be doing ourselves in this life as well as being accountable to our people.
That’s how I do it& if they’re not ready to level up continuously, I pray for them & point out there vices& call them out. Try to help them to the best of my ability.

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For me I can't call anyone out. I found then they put up the defenses and walls. They won't hear another word, they see it as judgement. When I build a relationship sharing my personal demons I have defeated and some I have not. This way they can draw their own comparisons between us therefore giving hope. It has to be done with love. Often I get choked-up or cry when dealing with those in the endless cycle of addiction. In the last 3 yrs I have personally know 12 people who thought they had one more in them and now they are dead. That's the hard truth of dealing with hard core addicts on the streets. Consolers, therapist and psychiatrist like to talk the game because its easy. They've never been on the street hitting someone with Narcan trying to bring them back. Not one has held a dying addict in their arms on the street or had to face a wife or mother after their loved one has od . That's why I preach the cure thru Jesus Christ !!!!!

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Great share razor! I love when u speak brother! Let it out& spread the knowledge pal. Keep it coming ( no homo)