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+ 5 A Big Thankyou to Brozowski

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I just wanted to say a Huge Thankyou Brozowski for taking on the role of being The Recovery Lounge Chief Administrator / Leader Good

I think (& am sure others do) that you are doing an excellent job mate and it is definitely not one of the easier roles to take on in terms of running a group as there is a great deal of responsibility and leadership that comes with it, regularly checking in and keeping active posts running etc.

Keep doing what you are doing buddy - and as always to anyone else out there that is seeing these posts & wanting to join or is just looking for some help and support in life go into the 'Community' area at the top of the page and submit a group request or PM myself or Brozowski to be added.

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I just saw this, 09/23. Thanks Brozowski. So glad you here, you ARE doing a GREAT job.

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Right on my bros. I thank yall. It's a honor to be apart of this group and be around like minded people. Not just with bettering ourselves physically but trying to find our way mentally and spirtually.
All of us who post. Comment. Or just come to read (ARE) this group....
.. After I lost my parents and grandparents as a young teen I was lost and found solace with alcohol and drugs. And for 30 years it was a horrible roller coaster, I've lived through pretty much everything, buried best friends from overdoses, buried 2 sisters from overdoses.. had the world in palm of my hand and have lost everything many times. No matter what you have been through. 1 of us have lived it. And we are here for yall. I thank yall again. And your not alone. We are part of something bigger now. United We stand. ...Recover... ( whatever that looks like to you. 12 steps,church, therapy,closed mouth friend, or whatever you do to enlighten yourself)
Just live for today..... and shout out to @press1 can't do this without you brother

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A strong story, now it’s clear where you have so much strength and so much desire to help us. thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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Family is the most important thing in the life of each of us. And we must help and try to support our loved ones.

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Spoken like a Master of his Kingdom, well said buddy Smile

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I fully support him, he is more done, he does more work and does it perfectly. A big thank you from me.

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x2! Thanks for being so active. Y’all don’t realize how me taking 15 mins and coming to this site to check up on my little family has kept me on track and motivated. Make today y’all’s bitch!