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+ 8 Wife begged and begged for a pup.. So we got one!

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After 4 years of the wife begging for a pup.. Back in March, I came home to a dang dog! She’s a 3rd generation Flat coat Golden Doodle. The mom Doodle was black and she has little spots of dark brown here and there.

I was not happy, but fast forward and the pups now my girl, and my best friend. Funny how that works! First picture was when we first got her to now.

She is my shop dog too, comes with me to my business, and loves the attention from everyone.

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Aww. How adorable. Those eyes are so beautiful!

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OOO. what a positive and cute puppy. Dogs fill our world completely. Swallowing us and all the negativity. Dogs are true happiness.

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She is definitely a cutie. My mother-in-law has a golden doodle but he is white.

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My neighbor down the road from me raises golden doodles. I had never heard of them before I met him. They are cute and really friendly dogs.