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Thanks for letting me join this group. Here is my dog rooster. He is 3 years old and a big teddy bear of a dog that just wants to be pet all the time by everyone.

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I want to thank you for the post. It is in our power to make our group interesting and diverse. After all, we love our animals and this unites us.
Your dog is amazing. I really love these breeds of dogs.

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And what do you feed her natural food or feed? what does he like to eat?

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I feed him a high protein dog food that I get from the local farm supply store and he gets a raw egg on it from our chickens

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Your boy is beautiful!

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Nice boy

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Pretty boy

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He looks very happy, I don't understand breeds, I just love animals.
I think it makes you smile all the time.

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Now that's a smile and a half!!!

Good to have you bud Smile

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Thanks brother good to be here. He definitely has the smile to brighten any room

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