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Thank you

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Thank you for letting me join this group!

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Welcome to the group, we are waiting for the story and photos of your animals.

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I appreciate you guys letting me become a member. I'd like to speak about an issue concerning a subject matter that I am not sure I can or not remember though 1 have read the does and don't anyway I'll only put this out to the members.
I'm have problems in getting pass the QR I wrote down the address for toggled to settings and I clipboarded it to an open one of the pop-ups that which it would be like a permanent way of conducting business which I initially set my BTC in single sig,am I even making sense? I myself am not sure I've never done a set up like this I'm old tech lol HELP PLEASE, only if it's allowed but write now I have a doctor's appointment congestion. I would appreciate any help or guidance I'm actually not that stupid I hope.

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I did not understand how this topic relates to our group, I think it should not be published in the general threads on the forum.

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Depending on where your copying the btc address from most automatically copy to your clipboard just by clicking on it. That's with most apps when your trying to share your address.

If your trying to send btc you have to copy paste the address. I confirm by making sure the 6-8 characters are correct and sometimes the first also.

I think that's what your asking about anyway.

If you can't figure out your clipboard on your device but can post on a forum and have crypto even I find that hilarious.

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Yes Mr.Wick I reread your first paragraph again I added the app to my apps and put in my login out name added the wallet wrote down my recovery phrase but when I got to the QR code I wrote it down has I said in reaching out to the member ship I now belong to but I may not have copied and pasted to the clipboard like you said so you've made it clearer to me which process I missed again I appreciate your support Zav-nak

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Mr.Wick I appreciate your fee back I associate your reply with that I made my error in what I'm confused about but I will eventually get it I was hoping someone could figure out the dilemma I was in I just realized I'll have to watch and read everything even though somethings are redundant I probably confused whst I had wrote down and redoing it till after 3am CST,I just woke up another day later and to early to get my but up 303a.m but I'll get back on it.
Thank you Mr.Wick I do appreciate your reply Zav-nak.

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