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Vape Pens?

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Anybody have any suggestions for a good vape pen that burns the wax? I need an alternative to the herb due to smell. 2 young kids, I dont want them smelling it everytime I smoke and that shit sticks to you. I live in an illegal state as well, so dont need neighbors smelling my business either. Have access to the wax, but am ignorant regarding pens. Much appreciate any advice!

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Stok has awesome pens bro my personal fav!

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Prolly a little late but look into Atmos pens, preferably one with a heating coil. These are perfect for your situation, doesn't smell as potent when burning and the scent doesn't really stick to cloths. Also very discreet. But keep it clean cuz once you start burning the resin of the wax it smells terrible. That will happen with any pen tho. Hope that helps brotha

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