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Vape Pens?
SenseiMiagi Sep, 2016
Anybody have any suggestions for a good vape pen that burns...
Coconut, 5 years 4 months ago 2
Phenibut ??
GrowGirl Mar, 2016
Has anyone ever tried phenibut??? Any info on this would be...
Nattyboomba, 3 years 4 months ago 5
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  • Rambo from TH Seeds
    CBBurrr Mar, 2015
    Grown in sunshine mix with dyna gro
    ReadyToKillIt, 7 years 6 months ago 1
    New shatter pics
    Odin's Son Aug, 2014
    Coconut, 8 years 1 week ago 4
    First Puff in 6 yrs!!!!
    pres Aug, 2014
    Man It's been six years since the ole lady and I smoked cau...
    pres, 8 years 1 month ago 2
    Pineapple Grenade
    CBBurrr Jun, 2014
    Some shots of pineapple grenade, a strain born in Denver.
    CBBurrr, 8 years 3 months ago 3
    Anonymous May, 2014
    My friends how you smoke your wax?? g-pen, straight metal bu...
    Anonymous, 8 years 4 months ago 3
    Anonymous Apr, 2014
    THE question is are you a sativa person or an indica person?...
    MAX_BENTLEY, 6 years 2 weeks ago 11
    Out of my dungeon new and improved
    Odin's Son Oct, 2013
    Hey Fellas! I know I have been MIA for a month or so due...
    markymark, 8 years 7 months ago 14
    Song of the month! ( listen to stoned )
    GooodVibes101 Oct, 2013
    GooodVibes101, 8 years 10 months ago 5
    THC and Puffy Nips
    Muffins Sep, 2013
    So the last four years of my AAS use, I've had crazy OCD abo...
    hollywoodham, 8 years 10 months ago 5
    white widow? OG kush?
    BigTurbo Sep, 2013
    So my boy moved to amsterdam and has been giving me some cra...
    Keez, 6 years 9 months ago 17
    Other than smoking it..
    Oldsoreguy Sep, 2013
    Well, has anyone here used any cannibus-thc infused products...
    GooodVibes101, 9 years 3 weeks ago 4
    Pain relieving cream?
    Oldsoreguy Aug, 2013
    Whats up-I have found some pain relieving cream from apothac...
    Oldsoreguy, 9 years 3 weeks ago 0
    Different bud
    Coconut Aug, 2013
    ### Some random bud I got from a guy at work!!! Shit is...
    Coconut, 9 years 3 weeks ago 8
    My new bho extractor.
    Odin's Son Jul, 2013
    This baby holds a half pound of material at a time. Has...
    Sumatra_Triangle, 9 years 2 months ago 15
    By Show Of Hands, Who Has A Pre-Work Out Sesh?
    GooodVibes101 Jul, 2013
    Just Curious As To If Im The Only SickO Who Blazes Before I...
    back40, 5 years 10 months ago 51
    STill Illegal Still going Away
    Sumatra_Triangle Jul, 2013
    robb, 7 years 5 months ago 3
    My first bho extraction. Just finished it.
    Odin's Son Jul, 2013
    Odin's Son, 9 years 2 months ago 18
    How do you like to smoke?
    Coconut Jun, 2013
    I love smoking every possible way except maybe vap. I don't...
    Coconut, 8 years 4 months ago 19
    Purps only
    Coconut Jun, 2013
    I know everyone has a spot in there heart for some purps so...
    Coconut, 8 years 4 months ago 7
    Random Pics
    Odin's Son Jun, 2013
    captain america, 7 years 7 months ago 23
    Bruce banner
    Coconut Jun, 2013
    jpal, 8 years 1 month ago 46
    Odin's Son Jun, 2013
    http://imageshack.us/a/img713/3874/oyi7.jpg This is a pic...
    Muffins, 9 years 2 months ago 54
    BHO For The Hoe's !
    GooodVibes101 Jun, 2013
    GooodVibes101, 9 years 2 months ago 12
    Smoke out
    Coconut Jun, 2013
    Wat up fellow potheads I love smoking ganja and have always...
    Coconut, 9 years 2 months ago 25
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