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Suggest me to lose weight and gain muscle

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Hi there,

I am 22 yrs old and I have more than 20 percent of body and willing to lose. Can someone suggest me something to lose weight and build muscle with less side effects while on finasteride. I also want to get some addy


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Clen knocks people around but definitely works. Just be prepared for the immediate sides.

Domestic supplier in the post is easy, where they are I don't know.

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Any dealer in insta, facebook, wickr, tweeter, telegram, wechat or anywhere

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Any legit dealers for Clen around Sydney Just want to give it try

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Can someone suggest me something to lose weight.......

A large garbage can,....... then throw 1/2 the food you were planning on eating in it.
There are NO magic pills here.

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So start with nutrition, taking into account your activity, protein -2 g per kg of weight. Fat 1 g per kg. and carbohydrate from 2 g per kg of weight.
Carbohydrates using complex. clean up the food waste, sweetie.

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Hi mate, are you looking at running a cycle? Because I was losing my hair at your age as well AAS really sped that process up. If you just wanted to lose body fat I would just stick to clen.

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Can I take dexamphetamine, Clen and Finasteride together

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Yeah they are all completely different medicines that interact with your body differently. They are safe to take together. The dex should be suppressing your appetite?

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Not really I am food lover lol. Is there any legit dealer in sydney for clen

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I am food lover lol

Drop the cals or stay fat. These are your choices.

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I have dropped cal thats how I lost almost 25 kg until now. But I want to lose more and its not working

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Get some clen. I should be able to hook you up locally in Sydney. More expensive than o/s sources but less risk. Just shoot me a pm. Otherwise order some from one of the o/s suppliers.