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Aussies and kiwis lounge:: revived

for the legends down under
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NZ active source
Rugbymadlad Aug, 2021
Hi I’ve got a good active nz source for most things you coul...
Afakasi, 1 month 2 weeks ago 1
NZ Source
Rugbymadlad Jul, 2021
Hey Team Looking for a NZ source mainly for DNP. I'v...
Rugbymadlad, 4 months 6 days ago 5
local sources
gcgeargold Jan, 2021
hey guys after doing a bit of hunting for some local sources...
Aussie123, 4 months 2 weeks ago 9
lets get this group up and running again
gcgeargold Sep, 2020
time to get this group back up and running. been a few years...
KingBilly, 1 year 1 week ago 17
bulletmatt Oct, 2019
Hey all what's the go with buysteroidforum? Is there a new U...
bulletmatt, 2 years 1 month ago 0
Local kiwi sources?
004spaw Aug, 2019
Any NZ domestic sources around?
Rugbymadlad, 4 months 3 weeks ago 2
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  • International sources with good reshipping policy
    Peptidoglycan May, 2019
    Hey guys, Looking for an international source to get some...
    Peptidoglycan, 2 years 7 months ago 0
    Legal Status of Sarms & Peptides in Australia?
    Huskeez Mar, 2018
    Hi all, I am just wondering what the legal status of sarm...
    KingBilly, 1 year 1 week ago 1
    Has anyone tried PPL domestic line yet
    D_BLOCK Dec, 2017
    Just through an order in on their domestic line for Test E a...
    D_BLOCK, 2 years 7 months ago 7
    Bitcoin helpdesk
    D_BLOCK Dec, 2017
    Has anyone had the displeasure of dealing with the "help" de...
    D_BLOCK, 3 years 10 months ago 1
    Research interviews on performance & image enhancing drugs
    Rennie Oct, 2017
    Hey, I’m an Australian researcher from Curtin University’...
    Rennie, 4 years 1 month ago 0
    Jamie232 Oct, 2017
    Looking for a dnp source in New Zealand ?
    Jamie232, 4 years 1 month ago 0
    Peptide sources
    dudsy Jul, 2017
    Can someone share or PM me the best place in Australia to ge...
    dudsy, 4 years 4 months ago 0
    Purple Panda Labs here for my Aussie brothers
    Purplepandalabs. Jul, 2017
    Purplepandalabs., 4 years 1 month ago 0
    Powder recipes
    D_BLOCK Mar, 2017
    Hey lads can we get some recipes up for some home brew? Hope...
    DailyStruggle, 4 years 8 months ago 1
    Jamie232 Mar, 2017
    where to get caber in nz?
    Aussie123, 4 years 4 months ago 3
    Do we have any powerlifters in the room ?
    Cards81 Feb, 2017
    Just wondering what sort of cycles powerlifters are using an...
    Cards81, 4 years 10 months ago 0
    AlphaBeast.is Jan, 2017
    bulletmatt, 2 years 6 months ago 51
    Advice on coming off a long cycle
    Reazy Aug, 2016
    Been on for about 12 months and wanting to come off fully ,...
    bulletmatt, 5 years 3 months ago 7
    High Red Blood count looking for some possible reasons.
    Cards81 Aug, 2016
    Hi all , i have a naturally low test and have had for years...
    Cards81, 4 years 12 months ago 3
    (GH) releasing peptide-mimetic MK-677 "ibutamoren"
    Jerko Jun, 2016
    Hey Boyss I'm curious if anyone has heard of or tried MK677...
    Jerko, 5 years 5 months ago 4
    Bangarang Jun, 2016
    Guys we have no idea where the threads have gone again. Do k...
    DailyStruggle, 5 years 5 months ago 4
    Clen dose & tabs to Oz?
    Aussie123 Jun, 2016
    Hey guys, I used to always use thyroxine to cut, worked wel...
    chowmanly, 5 years 5 months ago 12
    share experience on gh source godt240
    godtropin Jun, 2016
    hey guys i open this thread for everyone, so u guys can sha...
    godtropin, 1 month 1 week ago 228
    Staying heathy on cycle.
    wallabokkie Jun, 2016
    Ok guys now we all talk about what gear we run and cycle len...
    lesterjones, 4 years 9 months ago 23
    First cycle
    Aussie_trucker Jun, 2016
    Hey guys, I've been floating around for awhile but still y...
    Aussie_trucker, 5 years 5 months ago 25
    Bringing gear to europe
    thetown Jun, 2016
    Hey gents I've got a short European business trip coming up...
    chowmanly, 5 years 6 months ago 8
    Lambo labs
    ronnie12 May, 2016
    Hi brothers Just want to get everyones input/review on la...
    ronnie12, 5 years 6 months ago 0
    Huskeez May, 2016
    Hey guys, Whats the go with customs? I have been in conta...
    testisbest, 5 years 6 months ago 7
    Post pct bloods
    Majorgainz May, 2016
    Hey boys and girls.about to finish pct next week.what specif...
    Majorgainz, 5 years 6 months ago 0
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