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Aussies and kiwis lounge:: revived

for the legends down under
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BPC-157 & TB-500 - where can I get ‘em?
quantumanimal Mar, 2023
Can anyone recommend a reliable source for these two peptide...
quantumanimal, 23 hours 56 min ago 0
Test for females
quantumanimal Mar, 2023
Hey guys, Have been blasting 500mg of SUS-250 for several...
quantumanimal, 2 hours 4 min ago 2
Is it time to put some kgs on??
Mr_Wick Mar, 2023
What's everyone's go to when bulking? Oils, orals, peptides...
Irobot, 13 hours 14 min ago 5
Hk17 Feb, 2023
Looking in NZ. can someone flick me a DM?
Irobot, 3 weeks 5 days ago 2
Irobot Feb, 2023
Greetings guys, anyone interested, I'm sharing a cool hardco...
Irobot, 1 month 1 day ago 5
Mr_Wick Feb, 2023
Hey Gent's, What's the go with Ozempic/Semaglutide? Do...
TightGymShorts, 1 month 2 weeks ago 2
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  • Anyone figured out NZ yet?
    MikeMentzersGlasses Jan, 2023
    The stuff here is either terrible, bunk or a complete scam....
    MikeMentzersGlasses, 1 month 1 week ago 1
    is pedtest safe to order?
    latinbro Jan, 2023
    G’day fellas. Very stupid question but I just got some gear...
    Jimmy1048, 2 months 1 week ago 4
    Auspharmacy.is - Australian Domestic Source
    Auspharmacy.is Nov, 2022
    Heya fam, My names Zac...
    Mr_Wick, 3 months 3 weeks ago 5
    1st Domestic Delivery
    Hugh_Jarms Oct, 2022
    Hi Gents, I had package arrive yesterday. Has anyone had...
    Hugh_Jarms, 4 months 2 weeks ago 5
    dudsy Oct, 2022
    Anyone know of a legit domestic supplier for peptides? So ma...
    MikeMentzersGlasses, 1 month 4 days ago 7
    Austarlabs.com ??
    Nugget91 Oct, 2022
    Yo anyone ordered from here?? Updated :: apparently ex a...
    gcgeargold, 1 month 4 weeks ago 37
    Confirmed Roidstop is a scam!
    TightGymShorts Oct, 2022
    Hi crew, I read something about Roidstop on these threads no...
    D_BLOCK, 5 months 3 weeks ago 10
    Suggest me to lose weight and gain muscle
    susyskull Sep, 2022
    Hi there, I am 22 yrs old and I have more than 20 percent...
    johnholmesishome, 4 months 3 weeks ago 13
    Back after 10 years
    TightGymShorts Sep, 2022
    I was on these threads ten years ago as ATR2000 with Poofing...
    TightGymShorts, 1 month 3 weeks ago 7
    Blood work week 3 600mg test e
    Kingklenza1048 Sep, 2022
    Week 3 600mg test e Week 3 bloods on 600mg test E nexnos O...
    Kingklenza1048, 6 months 1 week ago 7
    Dodgy suppliers currently in Aus.
    Mr_Wick Sep, 2022
    Could we start a thread aimed at the known one's?
    Steakandrice, 5 months 5 days ago 9
    Greetings from Aus. It's been a while
    grinder Jul, 2022
    Back on here to get back in the know basically. Last cycle w...
    TightGymShorts, 6 months 1 week ago 13
    Aus Source
    dastric Jul, 2022
    Long time follower and first time poster, have had multiple...
    johnholmesishome, 4 months 3 weeks ago 18
    Clen I. Aus
    Megadeth Jul, 2022
    johnholmesishome, 4 months 3 weeks ago 3
    Nexnos hgh
    Kingklenza1048 Jul, 2022
    So I’ve recently bought some Nexnos 100iu hgh It came with...
    Kingklenza1048, 8 months 1 week ago 4
    Made in china B2b
    Kingklenza1048 Jul, 2022
    So there is this app like AliExpress called b2b made in chin...
    Kingklenza1048, 3 months 5 days ago 10
    Hey group how’s everyone doing
    Kingklenza1048 Jul, 2022
    Just wanted to say hi to everyone I’m from Melbourne Just...
    Kingklenza1048, 8 months 2 weeks ago 4
    PORKBELLY69 Jul, 2022
    Hey fellas.. Just wanted to say g'day to the group, and i...
    PORKBELLY69, 8 months 2 weeks ago 13
    What au site is best at the moment!
    autrenboloni Jul, 2022
    Hey guys I previously used austeroids.com, had some really...
    Meaty_Jo3, 8 months 5 days ago 15
    Prydz300 May, 2022
    Hello everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has had experien...
    Jimmy1048, 10 months 1 day ago 10
    Private Bloodwork in Australia.
    Mr_Wick May, 2022
    Does anyone know another way to get your blood's done privat...
    Jimmy1048, 10 months 3 days ago 5
    Any local sources
    Marcothebull May, 2022
    Hey I'm in New Zealand just wondering if anyone can help me...
    Marcothebull, 10 months 4 days ago 7
    Stealth Anabolics
    quantumanimal May, 2022
    Hey Bros, Just ordered some SUS250 from Stealth Anabolics...
    quantumanimal, 8 months 3 weeks ago 17
    Jimmy1048 Apr, 2022
    Hey boys can anyone recommend a reputable supplier for HCG?...
    Kingklenza1048, 8 months 2 weeks ago 5
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