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Dodgy suppliers currently in Aus.

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Could we start a thread aimed at the known one's?

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Isnt there anyone domestically even trying to maintain a decent reputation rather than resorting rogue dog acts for a quick scamming buck?

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You'd think it would be better to be genuine and gain positive rapport like any business but it's rife.

Everything about a source website heavily favours scammers more than the consumer.
I think there is maybe 2 suppliers who have a website and are actually domestic, Others use encrypted messaging but there isn't a place
where they advertise.

It would be cool if there was a platform where they network but it's obvious why there isn't.

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The list will be never ending if we had to name dodgy suppliers.

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I don't think there are any legitimate sources domestically any more I was burnt a couple months ago. Between the cops and the scammers it's turned to shit.

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There are a couple but they don't run website's or advertise. It's not easy to find a consistent supplier to run gear effectively atm without being ripped off a few time's.

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That would probably be a problem as we are not allowed to name sources in the open forum.

Having said that,...... why not refer said dodgy source to the EROIDS site for listing, then post on their SI page that they are a dodgy source. Understand, that EROIDS list of source is designed to keep track of good sources and bad, to keep us the consumer well informed.

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I was on the same page and understand how it would conflict's with what EROIDS is about, Better I ask first instead of listing a heap of names.

I'm hoping for a list that covers the known scammers that you find by doing research. Getting a heads up on the smaller one's selective scamming would be good too.

I know it would be difficult to moderate truth from lies, I can see the drama it could cause.