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Blood work week 3 600mg test e

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Week 3 600mg test e Week 3 bloods on 600mg test E nexnos
Serum/plasma Ref/range
TSH……0.82 …. 0.35-4.94
Prolactin…….301 ….. 73-410
Testosterone…..35.0H … 8.0-30.0
Cfree testo. … 270-864
Shbg……..34 ……. 14-71

Cfree testo. 270-864

Is this quite high ? My oestrogen level it should be in the range of 30-50 ???
I just took my first aromasin tab today I only took half 12.5mg just to try and dial it in .
I’m going to take 12.5 mg after every pin of 300mg on Monday and Thursday does this seam right?
And I’m on 40mg Ed of anavar

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I think the test is low considering the amount your using.
28/30 is the highest naturally at your peak age so wouldn't you be basically running a TRT with those numbers?
Depending on when your last shot was before the blood test of course.

Your est is strangely high, Almost like your running Deca combined with your Test. What are you experiencing?

I've looked at bloods from mate recently who was running 500mg of Sust P/W.
Testosterone 125.1
Free Test >2000

His FSH and LH was tanked and he was 3 weeks in.

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I’m actually feeling pretty good no high e2 symptoms except itchy nips here and there

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So I pinned 300mg on Monday and I got these bloods drawn on the Wednesday

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Oestradiol reference ranges:
Follicular 80-920
Luteal 80-1150
Peri-ovulatory (+/-3 days) 140-2380
Post-menopausal <100, male <160

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The big one out of line is estrogen,.......... only more blood tests will tell the truth.

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Yer it’s quite abit out of whack I just had a 12.5 of asin and I feel fine not as much energy as yesterday
But I heard e2 can make you have a lot of energy
I think I’ll just stick to 12.5 mg asin after every pin and get bloods every second week to see if it lowers

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Testosterone level 35.0