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Back after 10 years

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I was on these threads ten years ago as ATR2000 with Poofinger, GCGoldGear, Danster and Muppet amongst others. I tried to login under my old profile but I must have forgotten my password. Please provide me with your top five sources…. Just kidding, that use to piss everyone off back then. Don’t know if anything has changed… oh and no talking about Rae’s either!

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yeah I've logged back in here periodically to check things out, remember the atr2000 user name, seems as tho things got a bit harder for sources and I haven't really come across many that are good at catering for us here. godt240 was good for HGH for a while up until very recently it seems, I'd ordered from them a few times and loved it, always got through, but have heard they're selling peptides as HGH now. seems all the good ones never stay good for too long, have had a good stint with some local sources through wicker the last year and a bit, but they never last for too long. welcome back

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I’m getting HGH through a clinic. It’s a bit expensive but at least the gear is legit. They would have a lot of those clinics on the Gold Coast. Otherwise the Nord pens from RB are the shit. They always seem to get through.

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11 years and back

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Welcome back brother. I only just got back here myself recently. Those dudes you mentioned are still on my friends list but I haven't heard anything from them in 6-7 years.

I can help you out with a couple of my sources if you need any. Just shoot me a pm.


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Thanks brother. I have just thrown in a few orders after COVID dried up all my local sources. I saw Eroids referenced on one of the sites and decided to see who was here

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Welcome and welcome back!

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Thanks mate, it’s good to be back