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Long time follower and first time poster, have had multiple international orders seized without luck and needing some test e asap, Was about to try Ausbolics however i see that they've gone MIA, any locals able to help with a source? Cheers

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Thought I’d drop an update. Ordered from Eagle1 last week. New experience for me as I’m always used sites. Thought wickr was just for my coke deliveries.

Anyway long story short. Arrived today. Communication was great. He/she/it/they (I don’t know this pronoun shit) posted straight away

I’ll update once I’ve been running a few weeks

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Gents. Need some letro, anyone know sites that have any stock?

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Becoming a source on a forum seems difficult to me. It would be hard to tick all the box's required on some forums.
Especially running and creating a website while trying to stay anonymous.

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yeah definitely not something I'd be keen on doing

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I've ordered from them approximately 6 times. Never lost one. Give them a go.

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ausbolics are off the grid until further notice (until Aug/Sep), they were great up until they got the knock on the door

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Definitely not great as you stated mate.

I ordered and paid for a bladder, never received.

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You sure about that? I only had good experiences with them buts lot of guys on here were left waiting on packages / bladders etc. Do you know if they all got delivered?

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Have you tried Eagle1pharma?
Here’s a link to some more info


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Do make sure you use correct Wickr AC though some dog is impersonating the account .. stay safe.. just a heads up --

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Is there a way to contact without joining another board?

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I’ve not tried personal as I have my own personal supplier but I hear good things and decently priced. Spoke with the bloke and sound legit and helpful. Also will send two free vials for testing.

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Cheers for that ill definitely look into it!

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have u tried osgear? they international but i got gh thru 2x

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Funny enough, my latest seizure was osgear with 4x test. However my luck with orals with them have been pretty good.

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Bump from Qld also trying to find a sauce

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