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Training your laging body parts


Hi guys i am 23 yo i have my lats weak because they start so low so it is really hard to build them and my bicieps weak too
So can u guys give me idea on how to Train a laging body part should i train that part more ? Should i give it more rest ? Any ideas would be great
I tried training my back twice a week on a 6 days training program and i used testosterone suspension on my back days so i injected 100 testosterone suspension it helped but not that much because my back especially the width is really bad compared to the rest of my body
And i have a really fast metabolism that i can't hold water on my body at all i am always shredded and my bf around 10-12 % last bulking season i was 112 kg and i am 187.5 cm
and no matter how much i eat more it means for me that i will go more to the bathroom or i will sweat more while sleeping never tried digestion enzyme i will try to add that
i guess i have problem puting weight in general
Any help appreciated

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Eat more to slow that metabolism...Your definition of lagging isn't very clear...The mirror really should tell you what is needed. Now you must figure out if you need to go heavier with low reps or lighter weight with higher reps

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This goes against the grain a little, but hear me out. I struggle with my back as well, but I have great arms. I got so frustrated with my lats I said fuck it, I'm going to push my arms even next level. What happened? My back started growing. Mentality is huge in this game, clear your head and approach it fresh. For the record the dumbell pullovers and dumbell rows really helped me out. Best wishes buddy.

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Tell us your full back workout. Or its all guesswork.

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You gotta experiment. My biceps never grew until I used light weigh High reps and train them like I’ll never train them again. Different for everybody.

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These are some of the most common reasons people have lagging bodyparts. Make sure you are adressing all of these correctly and you really shouldn't have a lagging bodypart anymore.

Double check your mechanics (form) of the exercise. Make sure you are at least doing it properly. Study some videos or whatever you need to make sure you are doing it properly. I see so many people doing shit wrong that it is not even funny. Study up on mechanics because it will make or break you.

Make sure you are fully contracting that muscles. Shitty contractions means shitty results.

Are you training frequently enough. To much time between workouts for that bodypart means slow results.

Do you have enough variety in your routine. There are lots of angles and movements a muscle goes through so be sure to hit it from all angles.

Are you doing enough volume for that muscle? You have to keep stressing the muscle enough or it just gets used to the same ol same ol and won’t grow anymore.

Make sure you are using the proper training variables for your goal. Reps, sets, time under tension (TUT). Are you a bodybuilder doing a powerlifter routine (or vice versa) because that is the workout the guy at the gym gave you?

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Solid. Thumbs up on this comment.
TUT (Time under tension) and "fully contracting the muscles" which can also be called the MMC (mind muscle connection) are really important.

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We’ll you’re still a kid man, give it ten years of hard work and you’ll be in good shape.

6’2” 247 lbs at 12% are very good stats. Just keep pushing the food if you’re a hard gainer. Fats are a great way to get this calories up without as much stress on the pancreas. Peanut butter, oat, honey shakes on the daily, plenty of protein powder in between whole food meals.

Regarding training 6 days on is probably overkill. If you want to bring up back I would train everything else once a week and back twice a week.
Back/bis (heavy as fuck balls to the wall)
Back/bis/shoulders (70-80% intensity, lower weights with extreme attention to form, negatives, isometric holds, trying to build more mind muscle connection and combat some of the form deterioration we see from heavy as fuck training)

You need rest days if you want to grow, especially if you’ve got a fast metabolism.

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You said your lats and biceps are weak.
Do standing barbell bicep curls. Use weight you can do between 6 to 12 good reps with. After doing those barbell curls do not put the bar down, go straight into a set of bent over barbell rows. Bent over barbell rows hit lats, biceps, and rear delts. They don't hit biceps as hard as standing barbell bicep curls do, so you will be able to do more reps with bent over barbell rows than you can do standing barbell curls with the exact same amount of weight because you're recruiting more muscle groups to do the rows. The biceps will keep getting worked doing rows after getting worked from the curls.

Another tip is body parts I want to grow more I hit first when I start my workout.
For example: If I want my forearms bigger, then on arm day I target forearms first and do all arm workouts after that. The forearms will get some activation all through the arm workouts after that.

That's all I got for you. Well that and you shouldn't be using gear before age 25.