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Hcg dosage


Quick question, may sound semiretarded but oh well....I have a 10k mg hcg vial and there's 3.5 ml of bacteriostatic water in the small vial...how much do I draw out for 250mg....

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Just draw 2mL of the bac water and mix it more concentrated.
The math is simple.

10,000iu ÷ 20 = 500iu
Every 10 units is 500iu
So every 5 units on a 1mL/cc slin pin is 250iu.

I use 1mL of bac water to mix 5,000iu vials of hcg all the time. Every 5 tics is 250iu of HCG.

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He already mixed it. Idk why he didnt calculate first smh

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10,000mg hcg
3.5ml bac

3.5ml =10,000mg hcg in solution
3.5ml is 2857mg hcg/ml
1ml is 2857mg of hcg
100iu is 2857mg of hcg
28.57mg hcg per iu.......10iu is 285.7mg hcg

10,000 ÷ 3.5 = 2857per ml
2857 ÷ 100iu = 28.57 per iu


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I see some one has been taking math courses since the infamous Plate Gate lmao!

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Hmmm I dont normally use mg to mg for peptide solutions so I could be wrong... I think youd draw out around 0.09ml for 250mg.

I suggest you google a peptide calculator. Theres a ton online where you can pick the dose you want, syringe you use, liquid added, etc...