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Thoughts on Clen


Hi guys!

I’m just wondering what’s your thoughts on Clen & why you like/dislike it.

& for the people that have ran clen, what was your experience?

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Clen is more dangerous (blood pressure, cardiovascular failure, seizure, etc etc etc) than any other AAS. Clen is a drug for asthmatic horses.
The lowest amount of simple Test can get you the results you want(I assume cutting) than all the clen in the world will ever do.
P.S: Dont drink or get drunk when on Clen, or your back of the neck/head will feel like is gonna implode...and it just may be so to say.

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Gave me a full blown panic attack the one time I ran it..
I went for a Xanax and it was half a pill of clen that had fallen into my secret little hidy hole I kept the Xanax in.
I would split them (Xanax) and put the half pill in the far corner or a drawer, well I must have dropped half a clen tab without knowing and popped that after a really bad evening..holy shit, clen and xannys are quite the opposite drug.

This was years ago, I don’t have a need for either, and I’d recommend not using any stimulants while dealing with anxiety…or tren…

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Ill never run clen again. that shit fucked with my heart even at a low dose. Be careful if you take this. Your heart will not like it.

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If I could go back I would’ve never taken clen.

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At the end of the day you have to make that decision. Honestly, I lost a great amount of weight but the sides and complications I deal with now as a result aren’t worth it. Your heart rate speeds up, get the shakes a little, etc those are some sides while you’re on it. You can develop an Arrhythmia or other heart complications from clen. Honestly I’d stay away from it but hindsight is always 20/20. Rusty’s forum on this gives greater detail on this.

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I hate this shit

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Read my forum on this hazardous chem

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Rusty can actually be right about some things. Lol jk Rusty. But seriously read the info he gave you. It isn't good. I tried it when I was younger and dumber. I didn't really notice anything and threw the rest of it out. Don't like shaking all fucking day and sweating through all my clothes. It isn't worth it to lose the little bit of fat you might lose to potentially having some damage to your heart. I guess you could say it is like doing cocaine everyday with the effects on the heart. Potential for a MI or heart attack if you have some underlying problem you don't know about or even a healthy one. Their are alternatives that work just as good and has been studied in fat or obese kids while combined with caffeine. Now I will let you find it as I am not going to tell you but if you are set on trying clen then at least go with something proven to be alot safer. This one still has effects on the nervous system but COPD patients use it regularly and they can be old as hell or young.

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