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just started test e and now I have to have surgery. What do I do?


3 weeks ago I started test e at 750mg a week and now I am scheduled for a hernia repair for Oct 3rd. I am not sure how long until I can lift again. Maybe 2 to 6 weeks at the most. What should I do? I am not sure how what the protocol is here. I want to resume as soon as I am cleared. Thanks in advance.

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Really no point in continuing cycle. Time to PCt or back to TRT whatever you do until fully healed up.

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Thanks you, much appreciated!

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I think that sounds like the easiest thing personally to go to TRT for a few weeks until I heal or whatever. I can't remember when he said I can start lifting again. I think in 2-4 weeks but I am not sure. It something simple. Umbilical hernia just needs fixed. I think my concern was mainly I didn't know if this interacted with anesthesia because I didn't tell him I am taking this stuff and maybe I should have been up front.

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If you are able to PCT and not on Dr. prescribed TRT then you don't want to cruise on test. Took me nearly 2 months to recover from my hernia surgery. Doing that needlessly jeopardizes your HPTA and will make recovery a real bitch or you may not recover at all then you will have to be on actual TRT for the rest of your life.

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I am not on Dr prescribed TRT. This is literally the first time I have used this stuff. This is a simple surgery repair and I believe he told me I could resume lifting heavy weights in a couple of weeks so I wasn't sure if I should stop and pct or just keep taking the test e. Your surgery sounds much more invasive then mine.

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hernias suck, any surgery really.
you're only 3 weeks in, you're going until oct 3rd. I would probably switch to prop, run it out as a short cycle, pct and go again. Would also add some bpc and tb for the healing

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Sorry, I am new. What is the abbreviation for "bpc" and "tb" please.

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Are you doing blast and cruise or cycles?

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FYI....I am very new to all this so I am a bit raw on some of the terminology. I am not sure what exactly constitutes a "blast". My plan was 12 weeks at 500mg test e. I am was going to start armidex this week. After 12 weeks I was going to cruise I think for 6-8 weeks or so, I can't remember exactly but I think at 150mg test e 2x a week then start another cycle or whatever and find a stack to accomplish my goals.

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A blast is a cycle. So you are doing a blast and cruise.