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Sick during cycle


I have fallen ill this weekend - which makes me question: what do you all do if you get sick during a cycle?

I was thinking of reducing my test and Anavar until I'm at at my 100%. I'm doing like 400 mg test wk/120 mg NPP wk/100 mg Anavar ED. I was thinking of reducing to 150 mg test wk/120 mg NPP wk/50 mg anavar ED for like a week then raise it back up.

I'm ready to get my ass back in the gym. I hate being sick.

Edit: so right now I have a cough, low grade fever, general head cold. Some stuffy nose. I feel a bit out of it, but I think I'll be able to gym by the day after tomorrow.

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it really depend on how far in to the cycle you are. I wouldn't waste orals while sick, I'd lower test and maybe jump back in to it when I'm feeling 100% but I'm a big baby when sick and usually take 1-2 weeks to get better. I'll lift with a broken arm and ribs but a little cold and I'm like Redd Fox

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Don't go to gym until you know you are not sick anymore. Don't be that assclown that gets everyone else sick at the gym Lol
Continue on your oils but drop the orals until you can get back in the gym. If this is going to be an extended illness like covid or something, then PCT and start back up later.

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Thanks. Yes, I don't want to be up at my gym, sick. A lot of elderly people go there, and I don't want to be the killer ass clown for sure. It would be selfish to go now - I'd still like to thiugh, but not risking the health of others around me.

I'll keep up the oils. I went ahead and got a PCT package, but I really like jabbing a needle into my muscle every few days. The preparation, the pain, the results.... I think I'm going to stick to TRT. It's still not etched in stone I suppose, until 2 years pass and I'm still on TRT. I also take HCG.

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Thanks. Cool, I'll cut anavar for sure. I like that stuff, but it is a bit pricy. I hate getting sick. It really messes me off my gym schedule. And being a former fat boy, I'm always afraid I'll fall right back into my old habits.

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Thank you!

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It all would depend on kind and severity of illness; may stay on track or abort the cycle. Give some more detailed info so we may offer some insight/first hand experience

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Thanks. I added an edit with my symptoms. I don't think it's a really harsh sickness