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Need help - puffy nipples


Hey everyone I am on my fifth week of low testosterone cypionate I take 100 on Monday and 100 on Thursday everything is been going fine until now I’ve been getting puffy nipples without lumps and they are starting to get a little sensitive I would like to know if this is Gyno to start using an AI or Nolvadex.

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Better try Raloxifene, helped me a lot. 1 week ralox 40mg ed than start with AI 1mg e3d

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I would get bloods ASAP so you know. Could be all in your head and you take AI and crash it or it is super high and you need a bigger dose. Also like FDK says go with Aromasin, imo it is way better then ADEX. Also if estro is in the high normal range I would go with Nolvadex if you have just puffy nipples and no other sides of high estrogen

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Puffy nipples was the only thing but yesterday I got slightly sensitive sort of like a burning sensation around my nipples and i took a microdose of aro and today I’m feeling fine we’ll see how I feel tomorrow working on my bloods

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I am agree, it is the best to do firstly

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Get some aromison and use that. You should already have an ai on hand when taking testosterone. And blood work is always good too.

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Ai yes. You running bloods right? Get ai started test next week.

200mg is not a lot so you must be sensitive to e2 conversion.

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Thanks I appreciate your help i do have 2 types of AI on hand but i was wondering if I can use something else or do something else than using an AI due to the side effects

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Current side effect is titties.

Get ai going. Next week bloods to adjust as/if necessary

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