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I'm taking over a 1000mg a week of test e and 25mg eod of examastan and still have no sex drive,will DHT help with that..

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Like everyone said get bloods only way you can tell. Also what if the test you have isn't properly dosed and is way under label? You throw 25mgs eod of Aromasin and now you have super low E2 which will kill sex drive. Also low progesterone will kill sex drive. Most likely that isnt u but if ever running 19 nors and you add Caber it can happen. That is why bloods are so important it can pretty much in most cases answer what your problems are

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25mg of aro is a huge dose imo as well. I don't think I've ever gone over 6.25mg ed w/aro. And it should be dosed ed due to the short half-life. Also just my opinion.

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Thanks to you all for your input....

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I'm 58 and am almost bald so idc about that so much and I usually cut my hair close to bald and women are still attracted to me.my issue is iv lost my sex drive somewhere, .on any given day a few years ago I was able to have sex 2 or 3. Times a dsy or whenever I felt like it, or I just wanted to get some.the only thing I can come up with is that my androgen receptor are blocked and there no free test floating around .bcuz im still getting bigger and ripped from the test in taking so I know it's good..

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You do realize that AAS upregulates androgen receptors, it doesn't block them. Like I said, you are just throwing at the wall and hopes something sticks. Bloodwork is your only option.

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Your right I'l get blood work done ..

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You think but dont know shit. Ive got blood testing procedures posted with links in my forums.

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You’re using way too much anti-estrogen!!! We need estrogen for boners (as weird as that fu*king sounds right there…)

Try 6.25mg Mondays & Fridays

I’d use 6.25 mg once a week, personally. But I’m old… what do I know?!

PS: Too much DHT will turn you bald. Watch!

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Ok, I'l drop the AI down.its weird cuz im getting bigger and im cut up(ripped) so I know the test is good.the only thing I can come up with is that my androgen recepters are somehow blocked..idk

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...and still have no sex drive

Sometimes less is more.

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Throwing shit at the wall hoping something sticks without any bloodwork.

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Post your blood test and we will help you. It is difficult to know Why there is side effects

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Nope. Blood test.....

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