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Help with First Cycle and Beginner Questions!


Hey guys, I'm posting to get some insight/feedback regarding my blood work/cycle as I am planning my first cycle, based on the recommended beginner cycle info in the wiki.

Age/Stats: 27 Male, 5'10" 190 lbs, ~15% body fat. Have been working out since 18 y/o and have nutrition down pretty good. Will begin at the 30% above TDEE calorie surplus. I have been on and off maintenance and surplus for years and currently am running the 5 day N-Suns power lifting program to get closer to a natural peak and gain strength before I begin the cycle. On cycle, I plan to run a 6 day PPL with cardio 3x per week or as necessary for blood pressure.

I'd dose 500mg Test E / week, 250 IU HCG EOD for 14-16 weeks depending how things go and how much test is left, have Asin on hand, with Nolvadex ready for PCT. I also would switch esters to Prop toward the end of cycle for a quicker transition to PCT after last pin. I will also have accutane on hand in case acne get excessive though I know it can be heavy on the body. I do not have any acne and have only suffered from moderate acne during the beginner gains period at 18-19 y/o. I will get new bloods 3-4 weeks after cycle begins, or if low/high E symptoms come sooner. Or to be extra simply periodically throughout the entire cycle, as I want to be as dialed in as possible. Then post cycle bloods.

I took this blood test fasted at 10am, and my test/free test results are on the lower end, yet I still get easy erections and have sex daily so sex drive is still high. One thing I am curious of is if prebloods with E2 on the lower end is better off than starting with high E2. It seems both E and test/free test are on the lower end, though I have no heavy symptoms, besides lessened motivation, sleep quality and sex drive. But I can still get all the above to a certain extent.


Is there anything else specific to watch out for or use to gauge anything during the cycle? Ex; FAI, SHBG, prolactin levels?

Can I estimate where my T or E will be at with 500mg C / week, 250 UI HCG EOD?

Since switching to a shorter ester will lessen time from last pin to PCT, do I still pin 500mg Prop / week but split up, EOD until 4-5 days before I start my PCT?

Thanks in advance!

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First off, congratulations you are already ahead here. You got bloods and plan to take a reasonable amount of gear. You also have a planned PCT. You could lower that to 250 and see how you respond and raise it as needed.
The next time you do your bloods look for elevated levels out the acceptable range in any category.
You test levels should increase to 1500 or above on 500 mg per week
I don't swap esters to run a PCT, pinning 500 prop won't be fun either

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