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Good practice


Hopefully this is posted in the correct area, mods please take down if I’m incorrect.

I’m a paramedic, this is as far as I’ll go. You won’t see a pic, nothing, it boggles my mind that Saran Wrap is cause for a post taken down, but a black swipe across the name is acceptable? When it comes down to lab reports,

Total cholesterol 979

Guys, do you think our numbers are that close? Let alone that exact?

Care after yourselves, no one else will. Black out a name and address but post numbers that are matched to one.

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Absolutely, BFG runs a good show here. Protocols I would never realize. What I’m saying is one or two markers can match, but the labs we post with ng/dl and other readings being in the thousandth, it’s literary a fingerprint. There is no way two people will have the same levels and these posted results can be researched. Just trying to look out, things are getting more advanced. Thigh highs are sexy.