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Follistatin-344 cycle


Just a quick post in case anyone is interested
I ran a 20 day cycle of Follistatin-344 100mcg per day 2mg total

Did nothing for me
Training on point
Diet on point
AAS was a trt dose test with deca and HCG cycle. No ancilliaries.

In the first couple of days the dial actually went down a notch but that was likely due to sodium manipulation.
The measurements i took were biceps and morning bodyweight (emptied and dry). At the end of week one i bumped cals by say 3-500 per day with peanut butter. No major change on the dial. No body comp changes. No apparent glucose metabolism or insulin sensitivity changes.

I cant help but feel that; 2mg over 2 weeks.... its such a low dose. I dunno.

Either way... did nothing for me.

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Tried a couple, never did anything for me. It's a nonsense.
The ACE's were supposed to be in development, but... meh

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Thanks for the report, slowly building up eroid's archives.

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Cheers fella.
Ill tell you one thing GM, the very low test approach (i havent had a shot of test in 2.5 weeks or so due to hcg bumping test and estro so high) really lets you see (or in this case not see) the wood from the trees. You can absolutely tell what does what or what doesnt do what we might think it does.

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I am not real familiar with follistatin. Seems like if it was a drug that was worth its weight in salt that it's use would be fairly common among bodybuilders. What is it actually purported to do?

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Well Mak, the notion is that we hit plateau's for various reasons and one of them could be a build up in myostatin which is a growth inhibitor. That much I believe. The myostatin inhibitors like follistatin fs344 and ACE something, are alleged to either bind to or act as false receptors for myo to bind to, to take it out of the game.

The animal studies just dont seem to translate across into people. Or, the doses are bs maybe... perhaps companies suggesting 100mcg is ok just to sell it... clearly its expensive to synthesise.

I dunno... honestly, I learned nothing at all with this run

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It is suppose to be a myostatin inhibitor.

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I always wonder if peptides are even real.Especially the newer ones like myostatin inhibitors.That being said Appreciate the information!

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Me too! I mean, they paint a wonderful picture.... lol

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The reports of follistatin have been unbelievable,when done in controlled studies.Peptide,though,are fragile,unlike steroids,so who knows the nature by the time it arrives to you.Think about GH and Hcg.Denatures fast!

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I think there is a difference in types isnt there? A gene therapy version delivered by virus versus a peptide?
I might be mixing this up now...

I do know the animal study i read blew my mind... seemed like limitless growth

Yeahp rhgh and hcg are good examples... they just dont live long!

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I read something similar somewhere about it needing a virus for it to work. Not sure if it was bro science or real science though. Apparently (if I remember correctly) a virus needs to carry the inhibitor or code for a mimic. The virus carries its own dna with the code to inhibit myostatin (or carries the inhibitor itself) and when it enters the cell, the cell stops output of myostatin. I guess it needs a biological delivery agent opposed to being in a solution?

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So its full steam ahead for the viral version;

A company called Milo something has been developing for this project for over a year now

Big big things ahead it appears (real things)

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Not sure why the peptide itself doesn’t work like it did in trials. Not sure how they figured out a virus needs to carry the follistatin either. Very interesting but hard to understand. Once it’s available it will probably be extremely expensive but think of the possibilities

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I just skimmed the gene therapy study I have to admit.
The take away i got from it though was that it worked in a big range of animals and it was way more efficient than the stuff that being sold. 1 dose does for years or possibly life sort of outcome.
Now that was a 9 or 10 year old study so i dont know what followed... must have a look actually!

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You are correct.Ive always been interested so thanks for posting.I’ve never been really impressed with peptides.Too many shady companies pushing them.Maybe I’m too old school.Im also not rich so my money has to stretch.I have had a few guys swear by some of the pain relief of peps but I can’t vouch for it.

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Yeah i hear you Man. Im the same... slowly slowly catchy monkey lol

Yeah a mate of mine swears blind that tb500 cured his rotator cuff pain. I saw the difference in him 1-2 weeks later, but then he also takes a few hundred mg of prop... so... i dunno. Regardless, he absolutely swears by it, completely convinced and sure enough he was pressing again after the 2 weeks so something good happened whatever it was!