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Who is this from


Dm me

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Never seen it before, bin it and get some decent gear.

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What are some good local US east coast distributors

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To keep Greg happy, I won't mention any brand names, however, here is my Google Image search that MIGHT have what you are looking for. That's how I did it.

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I didn’t see any there that matched it exactly

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Looks like from Rx ONLY from what i can read lol
Bet any money there is an identifiable logo on the front of the bottle

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Man I remember one a while back, like 3 years or so, maybe longer. It actually said shake well before using. Wtf?!? Lol

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Einstens face

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It would help if you turned the bottle so we could see the label

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It's a very faded picture of Einsteins face on the bottle. That's it

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Just upload it dude. I bet we can figure it out, but the back of the bottle is useless to us. I just don’t get why you would think the least identifiable part of the bottle was the best pic to upload

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It says the name right there bud “overdose pharma” just found it mentioned on another forum. Someone asking if there any good but no one had heard of them, dude said they were over priced as well

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The lot # has RP as in _________________ Pharmaceuticals. What's the first "R" word?

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For sale? How much?

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