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Need some bloodwork help on what to do with gyno.


Okay so basically I have some side effects from a SARM cycle, I got some mild gyno on one side from a Ostarine/Cardarine stack. I did not have pre bloods done, but I do have post bloods done because of the issue, it has been almost 3 months since end of cycle.

My bloods are as follows:
Test Total: 343ng/dl
Test Free: 7.8pg/ml
E2: 5.6pg/ml
FSH: 2.7mIU/ml
LH: 3.3mIU/ml
Prolactin: 13.0ng/ml

So as you can see my test and estrogen are both low, but fsh/lh are in the normal range.

I did not do PCT, but do have Nolvadex on hand, but with everything low I was unsure to use the Nolvadex, I know normally this is used when test is low and estrogen is high, but both are mine are low, but still getting gyno, or is my test so low, even with low E2, it still outweighing and causing side effects.

Looking for opinions and advice.

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On my first moronic cycle of 750mg test per week I was given a small amount of aromasin by a buddy and kept putting off ordering more. I started getting gyno fast when I ran out. Seriously. My areolas even got pretty big around. My body fat was a bit high, btw. Had to wait a month for delivery. anyway when it showed up I ran 25mg eod and it cleared up in no time. No problems since. Now I'm on 200mg per week using 12.5 as needed if I feel a tingle.

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Run 10mg Nolva ed, add 3g DAA and Tribulus. After 2 weeks check bloods and let us know.

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so you got gyno but cant reply or update....pfffft

Rustyhooker's picture background. Did cycle then no pct? Agree with makwa.

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If you search online you will find there have been double blind placebo controlled studies on men with gyno who were treated with Nolva. The medical studies demonstrate it reduced or cured the gyno.

Here is one study where 10mg of Nolva a day was given for 1 month.

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If you actually do have gyno then you better get on your nolva to knock it out. The sooner you act on it the easier it will be to knock it out.