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-1 Horrible Pip


What’s the longest you have had horrible crippling pip? Done quite a few shows over years. Popped CENSORED Labs Test E 300 and Sust 450 same syringe. At the 1 week mark and my quad is still killing me. Quads are not virgin , definitely swollen and crippling but no visible signs of infection. So thinking it’s just the high test combo. Damn this combo. Never had this kinda pip before this long.

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Not saying which brand. I had some 400 that hurt. The first pin was half a CC and damn was it bad. Hurt for about a week or so. Big ass knot in my muscle. I tried a different location and it wasn't as bad but still fucking hurt. It's in grapeseed oil and I don't react well to that oil as it is. I just stuck with more frequent pins of 250 as I didn't have issues with that. Never again higher that 300 for me lolol

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Test E at 300 begins to hurt, sust at 450 is painful. expect at least 1 week of pip. I've hit myself with over 2 before. Always cut those high MG oils down with something and never use more than 250ish per injection or 50% mass. Even if you had 1ml of test 450 and 2ml of deca, it would still hurt, just less than running it straight.

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An un named brand of test prop years back. Shit was like fetting hit in the quads with baseball bats. Swelling and horrible, horrible soreness. I road that cycle out to 8 weeks. Never again. Also another brand of test e at 500mg/ml. Yeah youre reading that right, 500mg/ml. Some of you guys may know the company im talking about. Lotta guys who were doing trt at my gym really ate that shit up

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OMG. Are you like a masochist or something? Jiminy Crickets dude wowowowow. Real talk. Was it worth it?

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Thats a nasty combo and stumbles common sense. 300 gets borderline ouch but sust 450 on top....whew! Whats your priors so you can blend it out better?

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Sust 450. OUCH! That would cripple me for 10 days.

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Test E shouldn't really have alot of pip at 250-300mg because it dissolves very easy with very little to no solvents just oil and a Lil heat. Then add in the BA and you're good. The pip probably coming from the sust and the amount of solvent needed to keep that amount of hormone in suspension and you very well could be allergic to the solvent that was used. I rarely get pip from anything anymore as ive.used about the same 3 brands for the last few years. Before that it was hit or miss depending on the brewer and their process

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For me if I did a whole ml of test E at that dose it gives me bad pip. Now if it is test cyp. It wouldn't give me pip at all. Test E for people can cause pip.

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DHB got me like a one of those Betty White's Off Their Rockers

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I've learned my lesson from high milgram dosed gear over the years.. Been out for 2 plus weeks due to swelling. Alway try mixing with Deca or Eq if that's in your cycle seems to reduce pip.

Just from my own experience I think it's down to the brewing and too much solvents that cause pip. I've used test 450 that's been super smooth and I've used test 450 from different labs feels like I been taken out my a sniper.. Red swollen for two plus weeks.

Lesson learned nothing over 300mg for me now

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I bet I know the lab of that 450. That is the only high dose test I ever used that has min pip at that dose.

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The only time I have had any significant PIP has been the one time I tried deca - I would do ventrogluteal injections and pain would last a few days, with the first shots feeling almost crippling. Test has never given me any major issues, though test P gives a tiny but certainly-ignorable soreness.

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Crashed Primo. Heated it up until Crystal clear, and pinned it. PIP from Hell. Thought I did something wrong, so two days later, pinned my other glute, same intensity PIP. Both cheeks swollen for two weeks. Could barely sit down. Couldn’t wear a bathing suit for three weeks because my glutes looked deformed.

A month or so ago I had a top sources DHB crash four weeks into the cycle. Once again, took everyone’s advice and heated it up. Well, FML, haven’t been able to pin that glute since, and have drained it with a loading pin about five times so far. It’s seems to finally be going away this week. Fuck crashed gear!!!! I’ll never pin that shit again. Meanwhile, the source got mad at me for telling people about it, and told me it was normal. Offered me another bottle for free to delete my post, after ignoring me about it for the first week. Luckily, a top domestic source on here shipped me a few bottles within five days and saved my cycle. Got through a whole bottle without it crashing. On the second bottle now and no signs of crashing. No PIP even though I’m pinning the same glute every other day. Now that’s some great gear. Stinks to high heaven, but well worth the stink.

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Is it cold in your house? What causes it to crash like that? Is it spontaneous? Also I noticed with the Test E that I have used the stinkier stuff caused less PIP. What oil causes that smell?

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TestE300, depending on lab that manufactures it and the brewer, shouldn't have you with crippling pip for a week. If anything, I would attribute the pip from Sust450, the high mg concentration requires more solvents in order for the solution to stay in suspension and not crash (turn to crystal shards inside the vial). Test the theory and pin .5ml of teste300 on one site and .5ml sust450 in another separate spot. More than likely the spot with sust450 will be the one giving you issues. High mg gear is best blended with other regular dosed gear, EQ, Deca, Masteron being examples. It's a good way to reduce the volume of oil your injecting that day, but I personally stay away from high mg concentrations and would rather pin more oil that is regular dosed to avoid the extra solvents brewers use and the anticipated pip that might hinder training that specific muscle. Whichever works for you is key and that's just my personal preference. Good luck

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I've gotten pip in my Quads so bad from test prop that I couldn't even bend my knee for a week and limped around for probably a total of 2wks. I've had my shoulder pip so bad from dhb that it would inflame all the way down into my bicep. Those dhb pips would last what seemed forever and would swell and be bright red. Absolutely horrible.

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Remove brand names before ya get negged

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Shit yeah I been on here long enough to know better. Sorry about that.

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I have had bad PIP in my quads for 2 weeks before, had kneecaps swell like a tennis ball the lot. That tends to be from going with a new lab that turned out to be bad though when I was a beginner. Come to think of it I've never heard of the lab you mention.