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So I waited 5 weeks after my last cycle of just Test Cyp.

Everything looks pretty good. Still waiting on Test and Estro to get back.

LDL is a bit high 123 mg/dl (my average over time is 100 mg/dl)
NON HDL Chol is a bit high 137 mg/dl (my average over time is 121 mg/dl)

However my Chol/HDLC Ratio is better then my previous 3 blood tests at 3.4. Although it seems some think NON HDL Chol is a better calculator than Chol/HDLC and Chol/HDLC is better than just looking at LDL Chol.

My main concern was Glucose. I never have had high glucose. I know cycles can cause high glucose. However on cycle my glucose was 81 mg/dl and now its 102mg/dl 5 weeks after cycle. Im probably over thinking it because the night before my blood test my damn kids didn't eat their mcdonalds. So ofcourse I shoved in teh french fries they didn't eat and finished the burger they had rather than waste the money. Im guess that may have been enough to spike my blood levels 12 hours later when i had my blood test.

Otherwise my LDL levels Im sure is from having my sons birthday, my birthday and my daughters birthday all within a months time. So there def was some weeks of not clean eating. Smile

Thoughts on

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It’s HDL to triglycerides ratio that the medical world is now saying is most indicative of heart disease. Don’t want trigs to be more than 2x your HDL.

Get an instant read glucose monitor. They’re cheap. The finger prick really isn’t that bad. Spring for an accu-check and check it whenever you’re concerned. A1C is also a cheap test. When you’re diving that deep into bloodwork might as well get a cystatin C test too for kidney health

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triglycerides is 50 and my HDL is 56. So I'm solid there.

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On a related topic, does anyone do take home tests that you can order? If so, what's a good source that has all the results on the panel that I'll need for my 4 week blood test

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CardioChek is the brand, iirc. At home finger prick blood test for lipids.

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I got one of those constant glucose monitors that has a disc that you stick to the back of your arm. It comes with a reader that you tap against the disc and can pull BGL anytime you want. It will show you daily averages and trends as well. It was super enlightening to see how different foods and activities affected my blood sugar. I found that Stan Efferding’s method of walking after a meal was spot and and kept my blood glucose below 90, even after a meal. I learned a lot in those 2 weeks I wore it.

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Ive made comments in the past I wish blood panels could be this easy. im one of thsoe that wants to see my blood work immediatly after doing something to see how it is effected.

I don't think I am to the point of a blood monitor plus it would probably open pandoras door to me stressing out weekly/daily/hourly about my glucose Smile

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Get an A1C test next time. It's your average blood sugar level for the past two to three months.

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And Im very much a "numbers" guy. Its like a video game to me. its hard to get it out of my head. Even if something is like 1 point above. I can be a perfectionist with stuff so im like crap i was in the red on 4 things. Get your shyt together Icon. Smile

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that’s just one snapshot of that exact second. I’m assuming that was a fasted test also? 103 isn’t horrible but the 80 was really good, so the difference seems pretty big. Are you on hgh or igf-1 or anything like that? Also if you ate a burger and fries at home I’d say it probably didn’t effect the test, the only reason I’d say it could’ve is because we have no clue how much bullshit and chemicals are in that and how they could effect the test. Also if you were bulking on that cycle and eating large quantities of food, specifically carbs, that could be what’s throwing it off and will more than likely slowly adjust with a new cleaner diet

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Yea I fasted. Last I ate was the night before at like 8pm and had blood drawn the next morning at 8am. I was just on Test Cyp for 16weeks. And then dropped back to Test Cyp TRT dose for 5 weeks before blood drawn to see where I was after cycle.

Thats what threw me off. There was a big difference between 80 and 103.

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Just out of curiosity was that considered out of range? And on that cycle we’re you bulking? Idk if it would even effect it tho, 5 weeks is a god amount of time. Maybe it was the McDonald’s, who knows. A monitor is like 10$ at Walmart and another 15$ for the other supplies. You should get a little test kit together and check it every morning for like a week l, just to see where your at. And if everything’s fine then you could use it in the future for testing whenever your curious or what ever

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99 is considered out of range. So 102 isn't exactly killing it. But what stood out like you also said was the big jump from 81-102.

Like I said above Im worried about getting the monitor that it will turn into an obsession. Where Im taking my glucose 10 times a day Smile My mind just works like that. It becomes a video game.

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One glucose reading is just a snapshot and there can be other things that will cause it to increase.
Stress is a good example, elevated cortisol will cause an increase in blood sugar.
Would be good to check Hba1c.
Its a good marker since it gives you an idea of your average blood glucose over the last 3 months.

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I was just going to say the same about A1C and i read this. Ome glucose reading dont mean much and thats why if there is concern the doctor will ask for A1C test

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Oops. Posted before I saw these comments.

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Considering its always been 80 Im probably good. Now if my net bloods show elevated again. I might dig deeper with A1C