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Question About Altering a Common Cut Cycle


40 Years Old
No Idea on Body Fat, Estimate 15%

My question is, I know this is a common cut cycle with test prop, masteron and tren ace. Has anyone just put it on top on their TRT before like I have written out? Thanks for any input..


Week/Product Test PropionateTren AceMasteronArimidex
1100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
2100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
3100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
4100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
5100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
6100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
7100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
8100mg x 3100mg x 3200mg x 3.5mg prn
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Test E will keep you a little bloated on a cut. Best off with Test Prop

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Test e 300mg is my weekly trt. This will be my first time transitioning from trt to a short ester cycle. So I guess the better question would be how to do that, specifically with the test. Would it be best to just stay on the 300 test e and put the Tren and mast on top. Or should I swap over to a short ester test?

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300 isnt trt....sorry too ld for bs. Others will help

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I’m going to rework the cycle by 86ing the Var after reading the response. If I take out the Var completely, would I still be able to keep the mast at 200mg? My body responds well to the compound if I bump up the amount a little. And I do have caber on hand, though I’ve never had to use it when doing a similar version of this cycle.

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Everyones already said the enth is goofy on dose and....its enth. Gonna crash your e2....its actually wasting my time here but what else to do while snapping turds?

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Lol I get that. The test e that was on there was the trt.

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My trtfrom a DR is 75mg subq and puts me at 850.

Cutting stack since foods

75mg pharmacy cyp sub q
75mg tren ace breaks
50mg mast breaks

Do not cut carbs too low. Carbs make you sweat...use energy. Plus keto will make you flat like you never lifted..ever. Get online with makwas firum on recomposition. Its on point

Ai...doubt you need it but ive posted forum on when to test bloods. Check prolactin too. Dont use ai or da unless needed per bloods.

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I always add onto TRT when using longer cycles with less pinning. However, when my cycle requires ed/eod pins then I drop everything for a couple weeks then use Sust as my test.

In your situation, I would run Test, Tren and Mast all at 300mg. If your TRT dose isn’t already at 300mg then bump up to 300mg for 2-4 weeks before running the other compounds

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Thanks for that, and yessir, it’s at 300. That’s the test e 300 that was originally on there.

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8 weeks var and tren...hope you know cholesterol repair. Why enth?

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Nothing saying you can't. You already have the long ester test at saturation levels so I would just bump that up a bit and drop the prop and pin the tren and mast EOD. I don't like prop due to the pip so I try to avoid it.

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Good advice, so just bump up the test e to about 459 and good to go? Rest of the cycle looks good though? It's been a little while...

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You don't have to bump up the test. I like to run anything with tren in it using a lower dose of test. The tren has such a strong binding affinity for the AR that it outcompetes the test and I just end up with more aromatization and more sides with increasing test dose.. Tren is one of those compounds that I like to be able to run without having to use an AI so I adjust my test accordingly and that helps to mitigate sides for me. I usually don't need any caber when doing it that way also. In the end though tren still kicks my ass no matter what. Lol

That cycle is awfully heavy on the DHT's with the mast and var. I would bring down the mast to match the tren dose. That is also a lot of adex unless you are a heavy converter. I would expect crashed estro if running the cycle as you have it layed out now.

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