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+ 6 Off-Season Bulk (8 months) *chasing Pro-Card


Hey all. So a while back I made a cycle log about a "recomp" I did because I had takin a long time off from bodybuilding for various reasons. At the end of that cycle log, I said I'd do another cycle log in 45 days logging my 8 month bulk. So here we are. Been super excited to start this.
The goal for this phase is simple, to gain as much actual tissue as possible. With no exceptions. 100% all out dedication, which I can do, because my lifestyle allows it for the most part.
Ive put on a lot of tissue this year already but id say 90% of it was rebound muscle/muscle memory.

Anyways this is a special bulk, unlike any I've ever done before. The reason? Because I will be including REAL rh-IGF-1 from my dude .
This isn't IGF-1 Des or LR3. It's real recombinant human bioidentical IGF-1. And if you know anything about IGF-1 and its function, you know that it is quite literally the most potent muscle builder there is, no exception. It has an affinity to the receptor, I think 3x stronger then insulin itself. I will be using 6iu of rhHGH every day as well. Along with morning time long acting slin and a short acting slin on my morning meal.
My AAS compounds will go as follows:
Test c 500mg/wk (will increase later in cycle)
Deca 500mg/wk. (will increase later in cycle)
Npp 300mg/wk (first 4 wks only)
TP 300mg/wk. (first 4 wks only)
DHB 240mg/wk (will increase later in cycle)
Aromasin as needed.
Hgh 6iu
Igf1 200mcg before workouts (right after meal 3 of 6).
*Will increase the igf1 dosage over the next 8 months.
*((Every 3 wks I will be taking 1wk off of the igf1, Seems like receptors take a beating and start to resist after a while, So you have to take small breaks here and there.))

Keep in mind, this "bulk" will last 8 months. Till April 22nd of 2023.
I started 2 days ago, (Aug 22nd).
Im starting this phase at 222.6lbs. (I'm 5,8.5')
Im around 10-11% bf.
I want to end this at 260. Can I get there, probably not, it's not physiologically possible (lean tissue-wise), but nothing is impossible, and I have every tool at my disposal to get there, there will be no excuses. I will not miss one meal, I will not miss one workout, I will not miss an hour of sleep. No excuses period. I will put on some fat, but I will minimize it. Am I shooting for the sky and beyond? Yes, absolutely, but that's just the way I am. No excuses no exceptions. I've seen someone gain 80lbs of stage weight in a year. Real lean tissue. He was already an IFBB pro as well. Puts things into perspective. so again, nothing is impossible. I have decent genetics too.

I kept my carbs pretty low the last 5-6 months and now gonna slowly ramp up. Calories are about 4900. I'm decreasing my fats to about 10% of my total since I'll be on igf1 and slin cause don't wanna get fat lol

Mon: back and bi ((lower back focus/heavy day))
Tues: legs ((heavy day))
Wed: chest delt tri ((heavy day))

Thur: back and bi ((upper back focus/high volume day))
Fri: legs ((high volume day))
Sat: chest delt tri ((high volume day))
Sun: off

As you can see for my training, I am hitting every body part 2x per week. This is a lot more than I'm used to, which is where all the chemistry and food comes in. For most people this type of training would overtax the CNS after a while, and would be counterproductive. But with a large amount of surplus calories, along with all the drugs, I will avoid that as much as possible. I think every 3 to 4 weeks, I will have to take a few extra days off to allow my body to heal.

Anyways, that's it. I'm super excited, I'll be putting in 110%. Thanks to everybody who will be following along. Thank you to RS at roidsource, you da man.
If anyone has any questions, just ask.

FYI, I'm the dude in the right in my before pic. I just went hiking a few days ago and took that picture, so that's my current composition.

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateDecaDHB Test pNppHghIgf1Slin
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Nice ----

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Good luck mate on hitting the 260!! Do you not think Ment would be helpful in a goal like this @25mg/day?

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Little update.
So I'm noticing that despite going up I'm calories, I'm seemingly getting a little bit leaner everyday. Maybe I'm not losing fat, but appearance-wise it looks like it. I'm definitely not trying to do that, and keep in mind I'm on test and deca, so I'm pretty confident in attributing this effect to the IGF-1. Also despite looking leaner and increasing calories, I am steadily gaining weight on the scale.
Update on the dosing:
All aas are the same. I'll be keeping those doses the same for a while. But I've ventured up to 500mcg on the IGF-1. I've noticed a little bit more of a blood glucose drop between my pre workout meal and my post work out meal.
To my pretty extensive knowledge on insulin, I can pretty confidently say that this igf1 has a congruent effect on blood glucose decrease, but possibly stronger. They both bind to the same receptor sites, but like I mentioned before, IGF-1 has a stronger affinity. Like I mentioned, I have increased calories in the form of carbohydrates, and this IGF-1 seems to eat it all up pretty quickly.

I'll keep the future updates coming. Thanks to those following along.

**Also, I added another pre-cycle pic I took a few days after I started. Just wanted to get another angle in there. My side chest is one of my worst poses, it reveals my weakest link which is the side profile of my legs. My legs measure 27in, But they look tiny compared to the rest of me. I need to really build my hams. My quads don't look too bad from the front, except my sweep kind of sucks

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looking great and enjoying a lot this , can you update ?:P

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Enjoying this log brother, hope you continue

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So last Friday, I hurt my left front delt doing Smith machine shoulder press. Wasn't even going heavy. I can still do medial flies without any pain So I finished with that. I can't do any chest, so I'm going to give my chest a break for this week, and start up again the following week. Of course everything else will be hit this week.
Anyways, so for the igf1, I've noticed that I get pretty crazy pumps. But I've also noticed that it seems that as the week goes on, I get less and less of an effect. I've also documented this with my glucose meter. During the beginning of the week, the 200mcg's lowers my blood glucose to 90 when I get home from training (I take my doses after a meal, right before heading to gym).
And at the end of the week, my blood glucose after I get home is around 99-100.
This tells me that the effects diminish over time, probably because your body adapts, and does something to blunt the effects of the rhIGF-1.
RS told me this might happen, so I've been documenting it just in case it did.
Today, I tried something different. I did my normal 100mcg In each lat (today was back/bi) And did my workout, came home, then did 300mcg in the belly fat, Then immediately had my meal and shake.

This is just trial and error, so I'm going to see how this works. If I don't like it I will move on to something different, there is a million different ways I can do this.
Keep in mind I am administering a long-acting insulin in the morning and a short acting at other times during the beginning of the day. But I don't do the short acting consistently. I take a break from everything on Sundays (off day) as well.

I'll be reporting back here again soon to let whoever is watching this log know how everything is going.
Weight is climbing tho!

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You shouldn't have to take breaks with real rIGF. It has a short half-life so you don't get desensitized. LR3 you do need to take a break with. I ran rIGF-1 for about 6 wks straight my last cycle at 1500mcg/d and didn't need any breaks. I would have kept going but ran out.

Going for 8months the main thing you watch out for is insulin sensitivity. The IGF should help with that so you should be able to bulk for longer periods before having to reset insulin sensitivity. Going to have to increase AAS dosage and calories as cycle progresses to help mitigate the effects of myostatin. I think your best bet would be to do a cyclic bulking approach so you put on primarily lean mass and mitigate any fat gain.

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Good insight. I check my blood glucose 2-3 times a day. Once in the morning to check fasted glucose, once before my pre-training meal, and once after my training. Insulin sensitivity so far is perfect and hasn't really budged. I'm on 6IU hgh ED. With the basal insulin in the background (very small amount) and the IGF-1, and that I'm still on pretty low carb, I expect myself to be insulin sensitive for quite a while. Until I drastically increase carbs. I've slowly been increasing carb intake once a week in 50g amounts.
And yes, absolutely I'll be increasing total gear intake a little later when I feel it's time.
I will keep taking the rhIGF Monday-Sat like I've been, and continue that way until if I find a reason to take a break from it. If I am able to take it continually, then good But I think that I will maybe need to drastically increase dosage of it over time and I feel like thats not cost-effective, so if getting off of it for a week to reset my body's sensitivity does the trick, then I will do that if needed.

Mak, do you feel the rh-IGF1 contributed to your lean tissue gain to a significant degree your last cycle log?
I know you've done that cycle before, so basically this time the only thing that was different is that you added the IGF-1. So what do you think?

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I was cutting pretty hard so I don't think I gained alot of lean tissue. It did spare alot of lean mass for how hard I was cutting though so I definitely think muscle gain should be in high gear with it when eating in a calorie surplus.

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Sound like I'm the first to publicly document with it doing an all out long term bulk. I guess the guinea pig days are never really over ^_^ LOL.
Well regardless, I'm definitely being smart, but going as hard as possible. I fully intend to get my pro card next year. Also Thanks for your input man

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I'll be bulking this fall/winter and plan on using it for my bulk also.

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Heck ya. Any competitive plans in the future? You should kill a masters division!

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Kind of got the juices the flowing when I saw how I looked after last cycle. Option is still open if something pops up nearby. I think my prep cycle would be exactly the same as my last cycle except dropping test at end. That was a pretty good cycle.

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Awesome well thought out, and very mild cycle in terms of MGs! Nothing too crazy. Who did you settle with source wise?

What’s diet looking like? This will be fun to watch! I miss the stage:(

Working with any coach?

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Thanks man. Coaching myself. For the HGH and IGF, I got from RS. All the AAS are made by me.

Diet is 6 meals, 4900 calories. A lot of protein calories, but will be increasing carbs steadily over the next few months. Every meal is rice and ground turkey or ground beef with sauces.

As for the AAS, I'll be increasing the doses steadily over the next 8 months as well.

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Had my first three workouts of this phase since it's Wednesday.
Let me tell you what I noticed with the rhIGF1.
Firstly, holy shit, the pumps were insane! Never felt pumps like that! Out of this world for sure.
Just for an FYI for you guys, here is how my protocol is for the HGH and igf1 and slin, just so you understand how this works...
Upon waking I take my hgh and a small amount of long acting slin. Then, on my first 2 meals I take a quick acting slin 15min before meal. For the igf1, I eat my third meal then immediately take 100mcg in each muscle that I'm training that day (200mcg total for now). Right after I pin that, I get to the gym straight away and annihilate the muscles I put the igf1 in.

Just a note, there is a small discrepancy doing this with receptor binding of IGF-1 and insulin. When insulin is present in the blood, and then you pin IGF-1, they actually compete for the receptor. IGF-1 has a way higher affinity for the receptor, so it will generally not matter. But, it would matter if I were to take a fast acting slin before every meal, then the slin would actually take up most of the receptor spots and possibly leave some IGF-1 inert in the bloodstream. Well, not inert, but not going to the muscle you're training and possibly floating around till it attaches and receptors in organ tissues, which obviously we don't want. This is why I made this protocol so only my first two meals have the fast acting slin before them.
Also, I check my blood sugar upon waking, and before and after every meal. (1.5hrs post meal).
I have absolutely no insulin resistance so far. My fasted morning glucose usually measures around 89 or 90. And daytime blood sugar ranges from 95 to 120ish, even after meals. I take a few supplements daily that keep my beta cells in my pancreas functioning very well. This is a huge problem in bodybuilding. Almost every problem in bodybuilding arises because of insulin resistance, so you must avoid it and remedy it at all costs. If anyone needs any help with insulin resistance, let me know, I've been pretty successful at helping everyone of my clients correct it.
Anyways, that's the rundown just for those who are interested in knowing and understanding how I'm doing this and how these hormones work.
There is not a whole lot of information anywhere on this subject since 99% of athletes have not taken this yet, let alone much bodybuilders. Most of the top pros I know of who are said to have taken it, don't really talk about protocols.

Anyways I'll keep updating everyone as I go along. I suspect my weight is going to climb rapidly the first 4 weeks.

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Sorry for how long of a read that was, I was just trying to cover everything and be as detailed as possible!