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Lean Body Mass


I have decided against a cycle at this point, and rather focus on time management to get myself back in the gym and maintain consistency training. Thank you everyone for your critique and comments. I guess I knew it was a bad idea, but sometimes you just need to hear it from others.

I haven't really been at the gym for over five months now due to an injury and various personal reasons. I was at 185lbs with 12% body fat on September 2022. Now I am at 190 lbs 19.8% body fat. My goal is get my body fat back to 12% by regular exercise and proper diet. And once my weight loss goal is reached to do the cycle below to enhance lean body mass. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. This would be my first time using trenbolone enathate and drostanolone enathate. I know that trenbolone is not recommended for newbies. But in my defense I am not a spring chicken anymore and would like to explore other anabolics other than testosterone and anavar. I would also include 500 mg of TUDCA per day while on cycle. And refrain from any partake of alcohol during both phases.

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Finally someone who listens! Diet and training alone will get you far man, good luck!

Also, Makwa has some good nutrition forums which you should take a look at.
I also recommend getting bloodwork done to check testosterone levels and make sure they are in range

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Yes, I got my blood drawn last week Friday to check for PSA and testosterone levels. I am going to see the urologist this Thursday to get my test results.

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This is awesome! I read top to bottom. This is real EROIDS! He came around and you all helped him. We could have got him to -10 karma and he would have got another forum to cosign a big mistake. Now he will delay his cycle, stick and learn from us and when he is ready he still will be with us for help with it. Much respect to Diesel77 for not ripping him to shreds lol. I did one tren cycle and cant make myself man-up enough to do another one. Not for me.

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Tren is no joke. Used it many times and eventually gave up. I only use it at low doses for short short periods of time now

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Im good with waking soaked and just plain hot all day. And the praying every inject that the cough spirit dont come lol

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Lol, I thought Diesel77 gave me some old school tough love, but I am sensing that he could have been tougher on me but held back.

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Nah, that’s not his style unless you’re doing shady shit. Mostly everyone on this site means well and you were very receptive to some solid advice which is important. Everyone here wants what’s best for your health and well being. Most importantly, you actually appreciate the advice.

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@Diesel77 and @Rustyhooker are our PitBulls. When the muzzle guards come off guys run back to their gameboys or and never go online again lol.

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Sounds like op wants to learn....very refreshing!

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Affirmative. I am here because I know I need to re-educate myself and also learn new things. I feel I have been misinformed by those who wanted to solely profit off of me and then there were some that just were not qualified to give advice.

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I am here to learn, and I trust the advices given on this forum. So thank you to everyone.

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You have little kids and want to hop on tren. Good luck with that. Focus on being a dad and try to set up a regular routine where you can get to gym 4-5 times a week. You will never find time to go to the gym so you have to make time and schedule it just like any other appointment if you really want it to happen. Being consistent will pay.

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Thank you, and no I have decided not to hop on tren because of my kids. And yes, you right about never having time to go to the gym. Instead I have been spending gym time on taking my kids to doctor visits, play dates, and picking them up from daycare early or unexpectedly because they got sick or some other issue.

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Good to hear! Make it a fun experience. Save the hell cycle for way later in life if you need it. Theres much easier ways. Fun times. Tren too isnt always the a-hole before roids culprit. For me the things that should make a person irritated...nope. But really dumb nonsense...boom. So someone talking crap....i walk it off. But dumbass on freeway doing 100 then over 4 lanes to slam on brakes to exit....lol. yup! Guy car wasnt even near nor close to causing havok at all. Just stupid crap.


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pct? As in post cycle therapy or does it mean something else? I am sorry but I didn't follow. If you could clarify please.

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Yea post cycle therapy....do you have that mapped out as well and one more thing, if you aren't on TRT and plan on doing pct...make sure you have all and everything you need ON HAND prior to starting the cycle. Buy everything and make sure its all in your possession and do not start until then. Nothing worse than needing a AI or pct compounds and having to wait for it to land. Deliveries aren't always successful/guaranteed so cover all your bases in that regard. I'd recommend going pharma grade only for AI/pct if at all possible. Might be more costly, but the piece of mind with knowing it is true pharma grade and contains what it entails on the label, is priceless. It's terrible being mid cycle and coming to find out your AI is underdosed and/or pct compounds are bunk. To each his own, but I ONLY trust/use pharma grade products ancillaries. You mentioned being mid 40s age wise and with that, you might be eligible for Doctor prescribed TRT, under supervision of physician and they guide you through the process. Worth taking a gander over IMO since you are in it for the long haul it seems. Blood work will definitively state whether you're a candidate or not, just a suggestion. TRT clinics are also costly, but the knowledge you obtain along the way and the ease of being under Doctor supervision in itself is also priceless. TRT is testosterone replacement therapy and there are clinics available all over the place, not hard to find/look into.

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Thank you for the great info,
I wish I had known about this community much sooner. Unfortunately, I know all too well of how it feels to not have AI and or pct on hand before you start a cycle. During my mid 20's I was introduced to anabolics from a friend of a friend of mine. After a couple of months of hearing the snake charmer playing his flute, I finally decided to try some gear. I was never told about the negative side effects of AAS. He only focused on telling me how jacked I was going to be, and how much stronger and faster I will become. He never talked about AI's and gyno, nor about PCT until I was in the situation to need it. And when I told him that I read a medical article online that said AAS can permanently make you impotent, infertile, and/or shut down the hormones so that TRT would be required for the rest of one's life. He claimed that only happened at the dosages of what bodybuilders took. And he used himself as an example, and I was convinced because he had two children and one more was on the way. Well... let's keep this short and simple and say that I have made decisions that will affect me for the rest of my life.
I am not certain, but I most likely think I will need TRT. I took a blood test for testosterone recently, and when I get the results I will know for certain. But the reason why I think I will need TRT is because I was placed on TRT by a doctor several years ago. But I had to stop after a coupe of months because the doctor believed that the TRT was causing low sperm count and at that time my wife and I were trying to conceive. TRT was stopped and I was prescribed clomid. The clomid helped not only with getting my sperm levels to normal, but it also helped to get my testosterone back to normal range, about mid 400's. Anyhow I am greatly appreciative of the information you have given me. And I don't know much about PCT. And I am pretty sure I don't know much about AAS and proper cycling, because I wouldn't be in this precarious situation if I had known or was given the correct information from the beginning.

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Tren E?????? Listen, Bro, I understand you wanting to run a cycle, but Tren E is insane to consider. Even Tren A would be a little much for you. You should really work out for at least six months hard-core before even considering any cycle, especially this one. I understand you thinking that you’re no spring chicken, but I am 52 and using gear for the last twelve years, and Tren E is too much for me. It’s all good for two weeks and then POW, the shit show begins. I always end up dropping it by week 4-5, nd still feel like shit for two weeks afterwards.

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Thank you for sharing your experience.
Can you give more details about the "shit show"? I have read that tren can cause numerous adverse side effects. And I understand that not everyone experiences the same effects. Some have said it can cause temper flares. While some have said that it doesn't, they say, " If you are an A-hole while on roids, you were probably an A-hole before roids." But I don't want to put anything in my body that will cause "roid-rage" or turn me into a jerk or A-hole.

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My shit show courtesy of Tren E listed:

Lack of patience
Short temper without realizing the escalation
Paranoia about everything and everyone
Lack of trust in anyone
Heart palpitations
Anger for absolutely no reason
fantasies of punking wannabe tough guys
Annoyed by peoples voices
Hoping someone challenges me to fight

And the list goes on and on.
Now keep in mind, I’m a mature adult and the majority of these behaviors are restrained as much as possible.

Oh, did I mention my pumps in the gym are phenomenal???? Lol!

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Thank you for the reply. I saw a video of a kid screaming on roller coaster ride which is supposed to be depicting a tren cycle. I didn't really understand it, but after reading everyone's experiences I have a clearer interpretation of the depiction.

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Dude this is why I'm not touching Tren. It's a source of so many jokes like "Wednesday Trensday" and many more. I know for me I don't have that threshold for nightmares and short temper. Literally someone is going to get hurt. No fucking way do I want it to be my fam and friends. At the end of it I will be the most hurt. Just nope. I have too much to lose and nothing in the Tren profile justifies the gainz.

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Nightmares are SO SO fun too. Lol

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Sorry buddy - but there are simply loads of gains that can be made there before touching any kinds of steroids for at least a year. Building that initial muscle without steroids to begin with I'd say is even more fun and rewarding, without needing to put a needle into you 3 times a week. Then when you begin to struggle with adding new muscle that's the time to start looking at steroids. If you start injecting now it shows a complete lack of discipline and desire to succeed.

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No, you are absolutely right. I am not going to lie and say that I am not looking for a short cut. It has been hard to go to the gym due to work and family issues. Maybe I need to reevaluate my decision of doing a cycle. Regardless, I do have to get back in the gym or do some sort of routine exercise. And I am thankful for all the supportive and constructive comments.

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Exactly buddy - it has been hard to even get to the gym. That is the first part that needs to be sorted and addressed, getting to the gym regularly and consistently. Then once that has been established say 4 times each and every week you will then start to see some muscle gains and fat loss. This then needs to be repeated consistently for a year and maybe then begin to look at running a basic cycle, but not trenbolone. Well done for taking the criticism and advice, and not getting defensive and pissed off because its not what you want to hear right now Good

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Sometimes it is necessary to hear the truth from others, because you don't want to hear it from yourself. I know that a cycle is a poor choice right now and I what I really need is to get myself in the gym. Maybe I will just do a basic cycle, but after I plateau naturally.

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Can’t beat test and primo good slow steady gains if you get real primo. Toss out the tren and mast bro.
Get you some good gh 2 ius a day. That’s a good beginner cycle.

You’re a grown man at the end of the day and you’re gonna do what you want regardless of what people say but this is a relatively “safe” and clean cycle.

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Thank you, I will do some research on it.

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I see your cycle lets SEE YOUR DIET PLAN

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