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I started this cycle to add some strength and power. I weighed 170ish at the time I started. Ended the cycle, PCT included at 190. This is the first time I have had really great squats I went from 135 to 185-205 deep slow squats like form is perfect. I have super long limbs so for me that is pretty good! I also got my bench to 205 from 135 and dead’s are around 350 from 250. I am very happy with my progression and now that PCT is done I feel like my gains and where I am today is permanent! My body just feels more powerful which is great. Definitely slow and steady is the key to this. My post cycle pic was at week 11 haven’t done one post PCT. I have noticed I’m just a little smoother.

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateNovaClomidHCG
11600 mg
12600 mg
500 IU daily
500 IU daily
40mg daily100mg daily
40mg daily100mg daily
20mg daily50mg daily
20mg daily50mg daily
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looking good! well done!!!

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Nice! Stayed lean too! Great job.

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Thinking back I probably could have increased my calories haha

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Fun times!! Good work

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Thanks Rusty! I appreciate all your help along the way. Man I tell ya having people that know wtf they are talking about is critical!

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Murder by name murder by nature well done bro.

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Thanks bro. Now I know I got some labs to do and at least 12 weeks before cycle 2. I know Test & Anavar are a great second cycle. But if your goal is size do you think DBol/test would be better. Tell if if that’s dumb haha!!

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Thanks for your input guys! So I like the idea of being bigger. Don’t mind looking a little soft. I also like that Dbol is just cheaper and less likely to be fake then Var. With Dbol Aromatizing, if you take the Dbol | Test route do I have to run a serum or AI. I liked that on my test only cycle I was able to get up to 600 MG weekly without having to run auxiliary drugs. This will most likely be my deciding factor especially if the end result is about the same, less drugs = safer cycle Smile

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You better have an AI handy if running dbol.

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Sorry I didn’t get a notification on this.

Try it and see for yourself bro. You’re not silly so you already know the pros and cons of running Dbol. It’s all down to personal preference/how you react.

I personally think there is better orals out there although low dose dbol is pretty much side free for me and still gives me a decent boost.

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Orals aren't going to put much size on you, keepable size that is. Orals are more for the look you want. Do you want to look bigger but softer, or harder. Dbol will put size on you but mostly water/glycogen. Will all disappear once you stop. Var will harden you up for the most part and have a more defined look. Just depends on what you want. Your keepable size is going to come from the test and your diet, don't fret over which oral to take because in the grand scheme of things it won't matter as far as keepable size. Dbol is better for a kicker than var since it acts quicker and can get you going in the gym right away. Var I would save as a finisher since it takes a while to get going to really notice it and compliments the end of a cycle well when you want to polish the look. You will look bigger with dbol but as far as keepable gains when cycle is over is going to be pretty similar.

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