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+ 3 Big Boy Winter. 280 or Bust! 2nd Attempt w/pic


I never made it to 280 last winter. Definitely going to this year!
Day 1 starts 2moro. Currently sitting at 262. 41 yrs old. 6'. This is my 7th cycle. 1st time using Deca. Last winter, I got up to 277 and my elbows started giving me probs so I backed off and got healthy. Went lighter with more supersets for spring and was 250 with a six-pack all summer. Been increasing my food and weights now for about 6 weeks. I'm 100% healthy and no longer watching amoutns of what I eat. I will still eat fairly clean and do 45 min treadmill before breakfast. I want the weight I put on to be quality. At my age I get fat too easily if I dirty bulk and it gets harder and harder to get off each spring. I don't compete anymore, but still like to sport serious abs for summer time. Currently TRT 100mg Test C E5D.

Time Supps
Week 1-4 50mg Drol
Week 1-15800mg Test E
Week 1-15400mg Deca
Week 2-151mg Adex MWF
Week 3-15 .5mg Caber E5D
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I would pulse the drol. Its non-existent binding affinity pretty much warrants using it like that to reap the most benefits and minimize sides.

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My man, I’ll be closely following.

Tweaks and suggestions:
Have you considered pulsing the anadrol or maybe bringing it in later in the cycle to help break through some plateaus? 2 on 2 off the last 8 weeks?

What about some npp to kick with? If you put the drol on the back end you could start with 4-6 weeks of npp while the deca is building up. 3cc a week spaced out would give you a nice 300 mg starting point for the first six weeks to get the ball rolling and that would be two bottles.

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This is my 1st real run with deca. In the past just kept it at 100mg for joint support. I'm keeping this cycle simple. Also, never went over 700 test in the past. I'm going to grow bigtime with this one!! I'll get more elaborate down the road. I'm going to focus on getting it done at the kitchen table and and really feeling the muscle work and getting a killer contraction. I'll see you at 280, my brother!!

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Thanks Rusty! Unfortunately my funds are pretty much Tapped right now. No GH until I can afford 2-3iu Pharma and NEVER come off. I budgeted $1,000 a month for this one for food. I'll be eating GOOD and sleeping GREAT (now that I have my CPAP machine). Time to blow up!

I do have one question that I think you're the perfect person to ask. Would I be better off going 25mg drol and 25mg dbol instead of 50mg drol for my kicker?

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I run all compounds for 15 weeks for winter bulk and 10-12 weeks for Summer cut, then back to TRT, 100mg test C E5D. I did PCT til I was 39.

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