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2018 prop : provi


28 yr

this will be my first cycle of 2018, my last cycle ended dec 2017 weight at 203lb proud to say I have been able to hold steady at 200-03lb, looking to drop my bf% to around 12% before I start this cycle. My goal weight for this cycle is 220lb I know thats being optimistic, but ill be happy with 215lb.

I have some high grade test prop and proviron looking forward to running them , gonna err on the side of caution and not add any more compounds yet , over my last few cycles I have grown partial to Test prop, it just agrees with me, feels like less sides and less watery.

Pct and beyond to bridge the gap will include ostarine 20mg ed, I feel like it does help keep me from crashing and help with maintaining for sure. Also thought about adding some HGH 4iu ed to bridge between cycles , not sure yet though.

WeekTest propProvironAromasin ClomidNolva
1100mg eod50mg ed
2100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
3100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
4100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
5100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
6100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
7100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
8100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
9100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
10100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
11100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
12100mg eod50mg ed12.5 eod
1350mg ed40mg ed
1450mg ed40mg ed
1525mg ed20mg ed
1625mg ed20mg ed
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Prop kick and taper with test e as base is what I would prefer. Nothing wrong with prop per se but you are bulking so if test e gives you a little more water retention who cares. Also, long ester test (test e) actually provides greater nitrogen retention than short ester (prop). So what this means is the long ester test actual has a greater capacity to build more lean tissue than the shorter ester. So get your long ester test as a base if you are bulking. Save the prop for cutting. Watch that estro, to low and your gains will suffer.'s picture

Did not know there was more nitrogen retention with long esters, learn something new everyday.

also will keep an eye on my estro, changed my arom dose to eod.'s picture

I see an Endo every month at the V.A ill get a baseline before starting.

I know its alot of prop for alot of weeks, but its eod and I rotate 7 inject sites. A long ester is best in this situation I know, I just prefer prop .

I ran 12.5 arom on my last prop cycle it seemed a sweet spot for me, but I did not run proviron as I am this go around. So ill change it to 12.5 eod, ill wait to start AI untill the second week.

On this cycle rusty I am looking to bulk I am going to cut my cardio down to 1-2 days a week, My diet will be 4500cal a day same as under steroid cycle forum minus the shakes and plus more whole foods as much as possible.

Ty much for input guys, no worries ill see my endocrinologist before starting, he knows my situation.

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12weeks of prop!! you are brave!! or a bit of sado!

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Since you’re addicted to pain you will probably be fine with the pip of 12 weeks of prop, I’d do what drock suggested and kick it off with prop but use c or e for less frequent injections. Also probably won’t need that much aromasin since you’re also using proviron. I use 12.5 a day on 1g a week

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long ester test with a prop kicker and taper is what I would do if you’re set on using prop that long.. but that’s me, I’m crazy like that ....I mean I like lollipops in my mouth n butter in my ass, call me a pervert but that me ( no- homo )
Watch the ai dosage with bloodwork unless you’re 100% dialed in with that ester and dose
15 lbs expectation mite be a stretch in 12 weeks , would like to see your nutritional plan here
Imo I would suggest rethinking your layout and come up with a smoother way to gain those 15#

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Aromasin everyday on a low dose of test is sure to cause estro crash. Not to mention proviron also acts as a mild anti estrogen.