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Pharma Primo from Zenbu and will be buying more. Pictured just a few amps. They came well packaged and delivered in a week international. Zenbu is new but Catalyst is long time member.

DHB200 from USGEAR. I ordered as a tester and pinned 1cc with 0.25cc mast e and no pip whatsoever. Definitly going to stock up! The cialis is rock hard and had a weekend getaway. Wifey approved many times

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Hey thanks for the welcome! How is the viscosity on them, and are they snapping clean? Pen cap trick?

I've noticed some brands will snap nice and clean, others have been a nightmare. I would just grab a sock at times to snap them lol but man I had this one kind that you had to have like gorilla strength hands to pop them. I learned about a ballpoint pen cap trick, and that seemed to take care of those. Then you have people saying you need a watman filter, to be honest I've done a shitload of amps and never had to use one, knock on wood

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DHB!! Cant wait to see a review for that one. Thank you!

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Was thinking about a primo run but I read your post about it and realized I'm nowhere ready for it yet

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Those amps are nice to mix with 200mg primo in MCT. Helps thin it out and you don't have to pin as much oil all at once either.

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Have you tried the primo yet? No problems with being expired for that long?

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I would only worry if it was milk in the amps.

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How do you like US’s gear ?

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Thanks for posting!

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Damn - Another US lab that I cannot order from! Lol

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Let the community know how the pip is on that 200mg dhb
How are you going to run the dhb what other compounds will you stack