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+ 21 Physique update(staying under 10%)


I hope if someone is struggling out there that my story will help inspire you. I was a piece of total shit alcoholic. I drank day and night. Caused my wife to leave me. Couldn't hold a job. Moved back into my parents house at 35 fucking years old. If you googled "loser" at the time my name and picture would come up first search. I had to dig myself out of the pits of hell. I didn't know how bad I was hooked on alcohol until I woke up without any one day. After a couple hours I began to sweat and my body started shaking so badly it was unbelievable. I forced myself to walk to the gas station beside my house. Was shaking so violently I couldn't hardly hand the clerk my money. After I slammed a few beers and calmed down I knew I had to do something different. I did some serious soul searching. I watched countless motivational videos and listened to people that talked about discipline and self help. I began a taper on my own. I vowed that once I wasn't so shaky I'd go back to the gym. I'd lost my gains and was 230 with a big sloppy beer gut. I started going to the gym. Started going back to freshen up on my PT certification. Over the course of 2 years I got recertified. Got in shape. Meditate daily. Pray nightly (not in the christian sense but understanding there is a creator of all) giving daily affirmations. Thanking the universe. And I began using the power of visualization. You are your surroundings.surrounded myself with positive people. Filled my room with pictures of things I wanted. Focused. Long story short. I'm now a master trainer. The head trainer of a huge gym. Have a website where I sell apparel and supplements, online coaching, meal plans. Got my nutritionist certification. And to set a new challenge for myself I decided I'm going to stay under 10% BF year round. These picture uploads... knowing I'm going to post them every 3-4 months helps hold me accountable. If anyone is struggling out there send me a pm. Stay strong guys and gals. Sorry for burning you guys up with my dick root picture. It had to be done.

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Hey brother, that's a great story of going thru hell to get to heaven (or at least a life beyond your wildest dreams). I'm in recovery myself and stay grateful for not only my sobriety but the fact that I can get back to what I always have loved, which is working out, nutrition and helping others do the same.

Life is amazing and I've only even started to scratch the surface. I'm blessed just to be alive after all I've been through. Keep on keepin' on friend +1

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That’s a great story. You got yourself another chance at life and I admire you for working for it. I spent too many years in the bottle myself, and it took me 20 plus to turn it around. Keep up your great accomplishments.

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Not one person has said anything about my dick root pic. And that makes me sad.

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I thought it would be bigger

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Thank you!

Wait a minute...

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yup, that's some good shit that comes after the worst shit.

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Great work in all aspects of life
Deserve all my respect
keep it up +1.

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Looking more full than your last update. I like the look for you. Keep it up brother

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I'm bigger. Added some more calories. Thank you.

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Glad to see you made it out brother. There are so many people trapped desperate for help and can’t find that inner strength needed to become something so much better.

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Great work!!!!! +1

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Thank you. I appreciate all the exclamation points. Those have more meaning when they come in more than 1 lol

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I’ve got a very similar story. Working towards a similar body. You’re keeping me motivated, Bro!

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Sure man. I started doing a fast. So I won't eat for 12 hours. I do snack here and there, yogurt, banana, nuts, protein shakes, I keep bags of tuna with me. But sometimes I fast hard and go the whole 12 hours with absolutely nothing. I'll do that for 3 days then go back to snacking every 2 hours. Then my meal at night is a big salad. 8oz gr chicken, cashews, whole avocado, mozz cheese, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, fat free dressing and I drink a protein shake around 1-2am when I wake up to use the bathroom. I do cheat sometimes. I'll eat a big ass desert lol. I wish I had a really laid out meal plan for you. But I just consistently eat with the fast and snacks. It doesn't take away from my workouts either. I can't go super heavy all the time but I do drop sets and supersets with all my exercises. I'm not a big guy. I'm only 180. But I look big. People think I'm 190-200 . But that's where we'll developed muscle and low BF comes in. Hit me with a pm and I can give you more detailed guidance of what I ate to get to where I'm at. It takes a lot of discipline man. You have to get used to being uncomfortable. But after a period of time it becomes normal. I feel great all the time. I've never ever had low BF . In my 20's I was a forever bulker. Heavy weights all the time and ego lifting. Now I focus on developing the muscles. I'm not strong in the sense of bench press, squat, etc. But my functional strength is really good. I do a lot of functional strength training. Just messaged me bro.

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Nice fucking work!!! Especially on the upper chest.

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I remember reading an article Arnold wrote many years ago about the importance of development of the upper chest area. It stuck with me. I have always focused on incline work as my priority lifting

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Good for you Mate - Good for you Smile Yes 3

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He has ghosted us.

Legend has it. If you look in the mirror and say his name 3 times. He will appear, say something stupid, and still not post a self picture.