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+ 8 Shreds coming in nicely


leaning out nicely, daily vacuums and no direct ab training(controversial I know). I’m surprised how fast the weight is coming off and I’m actually continuing to get stronger. Did a low carb day so lost about 5lbs of water weight. About 224 here.

Also, I don’t care about tattoos in picture.

About 8-10’weeks

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The vaccum will work the deep muscle. Perfect the belly in control and tiny waist. For the 6 pack you will have to work the superficial muscles aka classic bodybuilding abs exercises. Very very small waist than being said. Very aesthetic.

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Good leg work. No pun intended.

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Great legs - Do you fight?

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I don’t buddy!

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I'll tell you what man... I'm going to thumb this up... excellent work...I'm always a fan of the lean mean physiques.. but you were dangerously close to having the ole weiner pop out... Pulling those shorts up ..those shorts are already small ain't gotta pull them deals up like that... Ball slip out .. anything could have happened... That's scary shit

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I followed ya until that fourth sentence..then things got somewhat bizarre

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I lost my balls :(

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this took a turn

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Do you offer solution for my unfortunate situation

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Lmao. I agree

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Lmao dead