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Clen and anavar


Started another cycle of clen and anavar last week. Started 40mg clen and 50mg anavar. Just built up to 100mg anavar this week.

Wondering if this is ok? Been reading a few stories on here about clen and anavar making me double think about the cycle.

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Definitely not a great idea of a cycle! I would reconsider using it without a base

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No base? I don’t understand em’, and my body would kill me if I ran an oral only cycle at this point. I don’t recommend just those two compounds brother.

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Oral only cycle is a terrible idea and I would never advise anyone to do that unless they are a female.

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Yeah I think I might. How about the dosage of anavar 100mg for a 32yr old male 5.10 tall, weighing 87kg

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The stories are true. Not a good cycle.

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