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A bit of humor and good laziness from Ollie. He loves to sleep and roll around. There is still, to hooligan and sometimes, like any child, when training begins, it starts to hooligan)). But she is definitely a positive girl.

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She is such a good looking dog mate, very photogenic Smile

Is there a reason people seem to go for bitches - are they better behaved or are you planning on breeding from her?

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As soon as I try to photograph him, she, as if on purpose, begins to turn her head. But there is a way out, you need to start praising her and then she poses like a model;)

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HAHAHA She's a real poseur for the camera!!! What's her favourite food - does she like pigs ears?

Love the avatar bud - Until I looked closer I didn't realise they are baguettes! LOL

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She is in love and will sell her soul to the devil for cheese. She is like a mouse, she just smells the cheese, she immediately makes such eyes that it is difficult to refuse)).
And just like a real bodybuilder, he loves rice very much Smile

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You know from my experience girls are more affectionate and more tactile. Guys are more typical.

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hahaha, what a beautiful smile Olie has!

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Yes, a smile is her calling card Smile

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damn this dog is spoiled Biggrin

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This dog bathes in care and affection. Especially when she looks with her puppy eyes. We are helpless. She loves straightening cheese. Smile Smile Smile
She makes us very happy, a very kind, tactile and attention-loving girl is growing up with us.