Primobolan depot 100
Primobolan by Pharmaqo

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Product Effectiveness
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With running such a small dose I’m confident that getting closer to the 1g range would yield some really excellent results. Primo isn’t something that packs mass on quickly so if that’s what you’re looking for, well, this ain’t it sister.
However, it will keep you looking good with a good diet and plenty of exercise, if you really hit it and nail that diet down you will love the way you look, I guarantee it.

Product Credibility
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Primo is a very well documented steroid and pharmaqo has some very solid blind lab tests come back on their product. With the deals he runs this stuff is too good to pass up. I’d run a solid gram of it for way too long if I could afford it. I don’t know how he keeps this stuff in stock at the price he puts on it..

Side effects and PIP
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Yeah there’s no pip. I was doing 4ml a week and never had a pippy spot or anything, oil is clear and smooth. With primo there isn’t really any side effects to speak of, that’s why it’s so great! It did keep me looking fantastic though!

Final Verdict
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Fan fucking tastic! After the lab reports came back as accurately dosed I started cruising on 400 mg a week. It’s not a very strong steroid to begin with but it’s excellent to cruise on because it’s not full of bad side effects. I wasn’t able to workout or eat right but it kept me looking pretty decent with the little work I was able to do. I felt great and leaned out nicely without losing too much of my sweet gains.

Additional comments

Primo is great, I wouldn’t use it for any strength cycle, it’s a lighter more long term physique compound. Very pleasant to run, they did a good job with this one.

I recommend this product!
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