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3-31 once shipped

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Payment Methods: 
Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoin, MoneyGram, Zelle, PayPal

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In case of issues regarding placement of orders through our website, please contact ugfreak directly through PM.

Hi and welcome to UGFREAK!

We finally took the next step and came to eroids, however can see some of our UGFREAK Family memebers have already made sure to speak UGFREAK, our T/A, Para Pharma gear and so on. Appreciate it fam!

We're glad to be here and we thank everyone who supported us, for your support.

Thanks for stopping by. If our website is not answering enough questions, get at me here and I'll get back to you guys.

Yours sincerely,

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Anyone use the Para Aromasin or can compare it to pharma. I normally stick to pharma but everything from Para has been really good to me.

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Worked like a charm for me. Can't go wrong with Para. My top intl. lab.

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Thank you and for backing it up with bloods.

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Why is it showing that I am in some kind of promotion with you ?
as I do not have any account with you and have not shopped with you at all

In a promo × 1
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You don't have to shop with us, in order to be in a promo with us. It just shows you're in a promo. Are you sure you can see you're in a promo with UGFREAK and not just in a promo? We only added those who commented on our promo page, so if you haven't commented it, please ask mods as it has nothing to do with us.

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Placed an order on 12/30/2022 and it was in my mailbox 01/07/23. BUT WAIT…. THERE’S MORE! THIS WAS FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDER ON PARA PHARMA PRODUCTS (TEST C 250, CLENBUTEROL, CIALIS, and TAMOXIFEN) with an obscene amount of discount at 60% off from my total! Will definitely put my review of these products. This will be my second cycle, STAY FREAKY!

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Once again, thanks for sharing buddy. Appreciate the pic and now this post too. Glad you're enjoying shopping at UGFREAK!

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Just completed my first order with ugfreak. Process was smooth. Payment with REDACTED was easy. Now we'll see how it goes

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Thanks for sharing buddy! We're sure you will enjoy the gear.

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Read the rules!

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My apologies

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Bro this guy is legit from my past experience with him! Hope your package gets to you quick and safe!

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Anybody have experience with U.S. shipping and the timeframe getting your order.

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Theyre fast

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Hey there, I normally receive package within 20-28 days when order has been updated to "shipped". This is for international and not the domestic option.

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Lol I said this while waiting for a package, and just received my order. Order placed 1/11/23, received today 1/23/23 internationally.... FREAKy fast!

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We see no one has responded yet. The ETA is quick and you can find online reviews for our domestic service.

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Thank you. Just completed my first order. Appreciate the simplicity of the whole process. Looking forward to checking the mail.

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Thanks to all the guys leaving feedback here on our discussion page and on the review page. We hope to see more soon. Our next promo will be the 75th promo we've done since joining. We hope to keep giving out high quality gear and keep making great offers. We hope you guys will make sure to support UGFREAK all the way!

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Happy New Year everyone! We hope your 2023 will be an awesome year.

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Happy new years got my order last week, thanks

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Same to you my man!

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Will be leaving a review and pics asap. Thanks again!

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Thanks buddy! Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing it. Merry Xmas.

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Last promo just came through. Havent ran this brand in a long minute. My review in a few will let me know if i still react good to Para.

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Awesome brother thanks for posting. Looking forward to it. Enjoy!

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New promo is up. Don't miss out on the generous offers!

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What’s up in here?..freak still peddling some goood products?…oh I’m still waiting on those hookers n t- shirts to go along with that cialis I ordered…

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lol! That package deal does sound freaky!

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