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  • BFG   •   Wed, Oct 5th, '16 12:31   •   44 replies, 4357 views

The Top Ten
63% (1241 votes)
A hidden Gem on eroids.com
24% (466 votes)
I prefer not to say
5% (101 votes)
A store not found on eroids.com
4% (77 votes)
I don't shop at all
2% (38 votes)
I'm here for the freebies
2% (33 votes)
Total votes: 1956


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  • KMC
  • 2 weeks ago

I use a brick and mortar pharmacy called .........CENSORED........

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  • baha
  • 1 month ago

I order from a source that was climbing the ranks and went private. Very happy I was lucky enough to stay one of his customers

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  • helloBrooklyn
  • 2 months ago

A funny observation I've made

On eroids: "Stay in the top 10. They're top 10 for a reason!"

Any other AAS site: "Eroids has some decent sources, just stay away from the top 10."

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I noticed that a lot on different sites. Every site has a beef with every other site. Not all, but you know what I mean. Not just steroid sites, but everywhere. I build 4x4s for fun. I see if one site tells you how to change a tire, 3 other sites will counter with they are all idiots and this is how you do it. Seriously, it's changing a tire man, get over it. You just have to read what you see and come to your own conclusions. Oh, and don't post about how cool your corvette is on a mustang board. Duh.

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Ya, and on other aas sites if you even mention eroids your a shill !!! Lol whatever though unlike other boards I don't have issues here.

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  • shaun1
  • 2 months ago

Top ten is nice but there are sources that aren't even ranked that are just as good. I read the reviews and if they have all positive reviews I don't care if their the number one or the dead last source that's where ill spend my $$$$...

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  • Shamrockseany
  • 2 months ago

[CENSORED] or [CENSORED],best prices,great labs and the absolute best customer service and shipping,everything about them is great,no need to even think about shopping somewhere else:-)

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Hey bro the source you put wasn't shown the source I use is osgear but could you message me your favorite sources in trying to find a good domestic again

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No prob officer

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  • toto34
  • 3 months ago

Top 10 ;)

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  • Deman
  • 3 months ago

Top ten all day every day!!! They are the hidden gems of the gear world

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  • bigrick2017
  • 3 months ago

I order from the top 10 and also domestic sources way down on the list that are just as official as the top guys

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  • macrodriguez
  • 3 months ago

The top 10 make it easy for me to find the gear I need.

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  • JWK3
  • 3 months ago

Top ten. Always top ten!!!

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  • psylociby
  • 3 months ago

Communication and support were top notch. The site is a beauty and easy to use. They offer a wide variety of products. I recommend arlrussia for product quality reasons and respond to any questions a new user may have.

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Communication and support were top notch. The site is a beauty and easy to use. They offer a wide variety of products. I recommend arlrussia for product quality reasons and respond to any questions a new user may have.

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  • bjjchris
  • 4 months ago

I usually go with the top 10, then dive through reviews. I hate when a source only accepts bitcoin.. lol

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Me two,hate change and hate Bitcoin..I'm sure I can figure it out but don't want to..lol.places that only take it I just move on to the next one that doesn't.

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  • unklesteve321
  • 5 months ago

I used to shop at top ten till I got ripped off and now I do my research and shop at reliable sources

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  • jrod91384
  • 5 months ago

Top 10 in my country

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  • Viking9
  • 6 months ago

i shop from the top ten for sure BUT,
i love doing the homework and discovering hidden gems! nothing more exciting then a great domestic source. i love the fast t/a

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  • zorro2014
  • 6 months ago

All the dudes that are here for only freebies should be banned

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  • Charged
  • 6 months ago

I always go to pharmacom...been a customer since 2009 off and on and would never go anywhere else. Their prices are decent and you can't complain about the gear ever. I always have great results when going through them and the shipping is always within 2 weeks. They re 100% legit.

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  • Slamhams
  • 7 months ago

Top Ten..Used a Hidden Gem and it worked out alright.
Top 10 has better Customer service if you needed a question answered.
Want to try outside Top 8 but Top 10's have better promo deals.

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  • TheGrayHulk
  • 8 months ago

Always Top Ten! After all, there is a Top Ten for a reason bra. I mean whats the point of even having a top ten if youre going to disregard the information as a customer? Never been stiffed or been sent bunk. Why change and why worry?. As long as the reviews stay solid on Eroids keep on keeping on bros.

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bros this bro knows whats up brahs

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  • theholymoley
  • 9 months ago

I use to only use a domestic soure. A "hidden gem" If you will. But because of high prices, I decided to try a supplier from the top 10. It turned out to be the best move I could have made. It takes a lot longer to get my gear now but I am paying fraction of the price I use to pay. Lately, I have be lucky enough to get in on some promos. The only thing I will need to order for my next cycle is some pct. Mad props to eroids and the suppliers for all y'all do for this gearhead.

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  • LocoLobo
  • 9 months ago

Hey there!

I ordered from a hidden Gem at least 8 x and it was always with great or very good experience!

I only bought gear from a source i knew private once but to order from "My Top 10 favorite" is so much


My last 6 or so Order's were all from the same top 10 Gem. (i just dont go anywhere else anymore,why?)

Everything i need to know and want is right there. Always! Ijust look and order. Since I'm a Eroid fan and

user my Bodybuilding and sports life has improved a lot. (its truly great for money saving as well)

All i do is look up the reviews and the products i need and I'm good to go...that fast.

I have never been scammed or taken advantage of(lol) by my suppliers. They just run there businesses

very professional or the rating will show. There is no way around it...

How can you be safer or get better quality then on Eroids Top Ten list? You just cant! Its Impossible!

One more while I'm on a blabber role. Who ever had the Idea is a true genius! He is not just is making the

Bodybuilding or Weights community an safer place to shop gear but also makes it a great forum for all kinds

of ideas and questions.

I only ask for a Free Promo once and i got it.(that was very cool i have to admit)! I just wouldnt have the

guts to be a freeloader all the time. I rather get what i can afford and if there is a promo at the same time i

will of course try to get in on it. I do a 20% Off Promo all the time that's a lot of cash for me to save or order

just more merchandise!

Well this Eroids place has all i need all the time and I;m truly grateful. Not trying to suck up but the truth

is this is just the greatest place for me and my little hobby of pushing some metal ..

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  • GrowMore
  • 10 months ago

I have tried a little over 10 sources on Eroids, most in the top 10 worldwide or top 10 U.K.

I have some mediocre gear and some bad experience but always had a good experience with one international source so I've stuck with them.

Now a days I wait for my favourite source (one of the top 5) to put up a promo, 50% off, spend £500 get £250 etc and I'll bulk order as I like getting value for money.

I'll stray occasionally to domestic if something pops up like MT2 or something like that. Usually again in the top 10 U.K. As shipping costs are low.

As for the hidden gems, I've seen to many raise and fall to trust the with my health and hard earns money.

One thing is for sure I love Eroids as a platform to see what's going on before I order.

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  • brandoc84
  • 10 months ago

For the most part top ten but also i like to use sources who are active on this board and their SI.
Promos catch my eye as well because if i do participate in a promo i will always try to follow up with a actual paid order.