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  • Pythons   •   Thu, Jul 3rd, '14 17:26   •   5 replies, 719 views

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Hey guys, 1st time I order from them but read some good things about Zen Labs. A review will follow eventually.


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  • kimboslut
  • 5 years ago

i been on acutane for 3 months new from zenlabs and 0 results not one single pimple have gone away my back and shoulders are full thats like 450$ to hell with 0 results

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Same here. Actually I've tried other brand of UG accutane as well and none of them worked. I recall seing a poster saying the same thing about UG accutane...

I did take real accutane and I went with the same dosage, nothing. I even went over and felt nothing, no dry skin and still pimples. Forget about UG accutane, any brand, not just Zen labs.

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Did you contact the source about your concerns with the product? Accutane will not work if not used correctly must be dosed in a certain way. Taken with food etc

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  • 6 years ago

remove the pic that shows the package it came in. Read the rules....

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Not sure which one you meant but I removed two. I did read the rules but can't see anything relating to not showing the package it came in.