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Arni is always such a pleasure. Fast and reliable and affordable. Grabbed some Test Acetate 150, Tren A 100 and sticking with that NPP 200; Im scavenging for early next year. Still not even close to halfway of what I need; loading up on Eq next week, but a little at a time. Thank you Armanian for making this easy

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Thanks Steveb; adding a bit at a time. A hundy there, and a few hundy there. 4 Eqs and the ancillaries and pct/Ais will be good, I think.

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Even sideways it’s a beautiful sight. Thanks for posting bro

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Gave up trying to get it straight. Besides, I'm a bit twisted and it looks fine to me although I know the rest of you see it a bit twisted. Lol. I love being normal

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Nice order.

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Hundy here and a Hundy there bro. Good to hear from you Sam. It's not easy dropping a quick 1500 on gear bro. This is for the next EBC comp. I dont yet have any HCG, Aromasin, Caber or Clomid and 4 kits of hgh. Check to check bro. This is 2 of about 5

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Edit..Wrong post, my bad. Nice gear tho!