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  • jaylad   •   Thu, May 26th, '11 14:11   •   2 replies, 1976 views

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Here the the products I got from steriods2buy and as you can see the two on the left which I just recieved yestoday has the holograms and the one on the right tren ananthate I purchased about 4 months ago does not, it seems that the box for the tri-tren is completely differnt in size and no it's not the way it has been put together they are complete different sizes and also the lable on the tri-tren is wonkey unlike the sus and the tren ananthate


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  • 9 years ago

lixus changed packaging and added hologram on vial recently. hence the "wonky."

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What has happen to steriods2buy website I use them as my source and the gear is g2g but now I can't access the site