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+ 5 Watson Testosterone Cypionate


Straight from the pharmacy for TRT, 3 month supply. So glad Watson is back. Previously was given Paddock for awhile. This brand is gold.

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I've gotten basically every brand of pharma test over the years for TRT and yea Watson is amazing but I really liked the paddock I got for a lil while, it's super smooth and def got good gains, each pharmacy seems to carry random brands so after the paddock and Watson etc I've been using the Pfizer test cyp which is the "brand name" but luckily my insurance covers it for around the same price so I'm stoked to find out what kinda gains I get compared to the others Smile

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I had a bunch of these guys a few months back. gotta love Watson! +1

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What source did you get from on Eroids?

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Like it says script from TRT Doc. I was pretty shocked and like a kid at Xmas when they handed me this. Ha.. Thanks guys.

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Thanks guys,I misunderstood just read Eroids lol.

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REAL pharma gear... Can't go wrong with this

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ive always wanted to try watson heard nothing but good things about that pharmacy. +1

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Sexy ! +1