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I know i dont look like much of anything as i dont really try or diet but this is the results i got from Pure Anabolics or no excuses, was using them since 2021 and i love the quality. 300 test e and 300 EQ, hunger is through the roof, same day i took the shot my Endurance in my reps went up by nearly 2x as hard as that may sound to believe. Sex drive is through the roof and im not experiencing any mental health issues. Low doses seem to help me alot more when avoiding side effects.

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Black out your face and resubmit your pic please

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So you're a low dose guy. I can understand. I look at it like this, if you're making gains at whatever lower dose that you're using and not experiencing side effects then keep doing what you're doing...no need to get greedy. When greed happens that's when sides start to happen most of the time. It's about knowing what the body is comfortable with and what it likes. Good luck man. Keep doing you.

When I glared at ya you kinda reminded me of that Mike Ohearn guy.

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Thank you dude i would never say im anything close to mike but i appreciate it. And yes low doses are better for me, i used to do crazy stuff and i just had a bunch of problems. Every once in awhile i like to dabble with stuff like NPP and tren but when i do use those its usually for no more than 4 weeks and it will be like 50 mgs every other day and the results are still good without all the bad nasty sides. I just like the EQ because of the endurance and hunger i get off it, i just dont think people need to use alot to get the results they want.

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We all are different so whatever dosages that work for you then just stay with that. I see guys time and time again trying to use dosages that the next man is using or recommending and then they tend to run into problems. Lol we gotta stay in our lane so to speak.

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I can understand. I've always used lower dosages myself and when I tried to go higher I've always gotten in trouble with side effects. The key is getting the most out of whatever lower dose while avoiding many sides. Lol EQ is definitely not for me but glad you are making it work.

You may not be Mike Ohearn but you definitely have his arms.

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Looking thick and buffed, no homo.. good job

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You have some pythons bro, remove your handsome face so the FED doesn’t show up at your door looking to make an example out of you but they turn a blind eye to Pedo Elitists.

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Good size there

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Great genetics, looking great

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O yeah he's got the genetics with those thick arms.

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Absolutely! First thing I noticed

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You look in great shape mate!! Nice and stocky - NO HOMO

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any suggestion for a guy just starting out?

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Haha i really dont want to act like i know what im talking about but my opinion would be like 250-300 mgs of test e or cyp, some anavar or masteron. And just try to eat alot of food and lift moderately heavy weights with high reps to get the blood pumping.

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Your face my boy, blur it lmao. Either way, looking great beefcake