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+ 7 Ugfreaks Promo comes through


Shout-out to Ugfreaks

Ugfreaks promo
8x NPP 150
4x Proviron 25mg

Int'l shipped within 2-3 weeks. Perfect timing as I will be pinning this in a few days.

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Best npp I've ever run bro enjoy!

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Nice pick up! PP is on point! Love good provi..just makes every cycle better. Enjoy!

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Thanks for posting this pic bro! Like I told you, you're one solid dude! You get the promos you need/feel are interested, you post pics of the gear and you review the products once used. Such a simple thing to do, but still everybody doesn't. Your record is great.

Happy to be at your service with your first UGFREAK promo!

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Para provi is some of the best I've had. It's a staple in all my cycles now. Enjoy.

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Thank you sir. Looking forward to trying this proviron.

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I seriously need to listen to you about proviron

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It's terribly underrated as it's not one of the big orals. But it's benefits ate undeniable. My free test goes through the roof on the stuff.

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Enjoy that stuff bro. I’m using the PP NPP (diff source) now with my cycle and enjoying it. If you are planning a full 150 mg pin at a time, I don’t recommend any delts, go for bigger and I blend it if the day for it. The PIP next day started to catch up after a while for me. Not bad. Just noticeable. It’s little thick.
I might have to try that Provi sometime in future.

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Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to npp. Haven't done it in years and feigning for some good quality npp. And proviron, can never go wrong with adding good odd provi.

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Heat it up and you won’t get that Pip

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I heat up all my oils once loaded. Set them in front of space heater and jump in shower. It helps tremendously.