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ParaPharma Testo E (3) + ParaPharma Clomid 50.

Took 15 days Intl. I like that!

Just started taking Clomid in attempt to reduce some minor gyno related to having low T and no TRT program. Pill is well pressed and cut in half nicely. Will be starting Testo E 250 soon. Thanks!

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What ? Clomid for gyno ? It's crazy ! Letro is the best i used for gyno !

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If trying to reverse gyno I would use raloxifene or letro.

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I think I considered that after the order was made. Oh well, let me see what happens since I have it.

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Gyno is not something to mess around with. Ralox or nolva would be best options and letro would be last resort if the gyno has really set in.

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Nice. Hope it treats ya well.

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A little goes a long way.

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