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+ 5 UGFreak ParaPharm NPP150


Got my final NPP order lol. They are slightly crashed but they should clear up with some proper care. UGFreak did great getting this order out timely and effectively with the promo. Looking forward to pinning and experimenting with different volumes for every day sticks.

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Thanks for posting. Yes, they'll definitely be good once they're heated. Thank you very much for your feedback, apperciate it bro. Looking forward to hearing more!

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Yes sir! That’s helps me know they are concentrated higher than the 100mg norm. Really looking forward the this.

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Warm it up and letzzz fuxxxkin goooo

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NPP150 is quite prone to crashing buddy - nothing to worry about.

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Yep. Easier to dose has consequences.

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+1 for the surprise foot pic

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Lmao I was looking at that when I took the pic.

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I think we have a hoarder situation lol

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lol I have my next four runs mapped out. Test and NPP then adding random orals and masteron. Uncertain times brotha!

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Gotta stay prepared and get in some promos/sales when you can!

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Finally financially capable to take risk lol

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Road map to glory!

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This dude has multiple lifetimes worth of cycles at his disposal bro

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Bless his heart