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  • Sepeti522   •   Tue, May 4th, '21 00:47   •   0 replies, 188 views

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I got some beautiful and amazing para gear. My order was:
10xTesto 250
1xBoldo 500
2xChlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Tbol)

It was the best packed ordered I've ever received from any source. Haven't reviewed it yet as I'm not finished with my cycle, but so far, it has been probably the best, most high quality gear I've ever used. Literally after 2-3 days of the tbol, the pumps I've
been getting at the gym have been insane and it's like it just doesn't ever go away. I wake up and still feel a gnarly pump. Tbol has always been a favorite of mine, but this one has definitely been wayyy better than any other brand I've used before. Can't wait for the test and eq to really kick in. I guess we'll see how the boldo is when/if I get those constant munchies. Smooth pins, no pip. Been solid all around. Thank you Freak for the quality product!